How to create Nintendo account

Updated: April 07, 2023
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How to create Nintendo account
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Nintendo has long won the hearts of video game lovers, gaining immense popularity around the world. Thus, the number of sold Switch consoles has already exceeded 110 million and continues to grow. If you’re among the lucky owners of this device, you can’t do without creating a Nintendo account to get the most out of the console. After all, this gives you access to the top services offered by the company, including software purchases in the eShop. And this guide contains easy Nintendo signup instructions to go through the process with no hassle on any device and let you plunge into the fascinating world of video games as quickly as possible.

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How to make a Nintendo account through Switch

Creating and setting up a Nintendo Switch account is completely free. And you’ll sign up easily even if it’s your first console ever. Since the process may be completed using your Nintendo Switch, grab your device and follow the outlined steps:

  • Get to the Home Screen and pick System Settings.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Scroll through the settings options until you spot User, and choose the profile you’re intended to use for creating a Nintendo account for Switch.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Pick the option to link the profile to a Nintendo account. Keep in mind that the profile can be linked to one account only.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Tap Create a New Account.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Hit the button to send instructions through email.
  • Type in your active email address and then hit Send Email.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Head to your mailbox, open the message from Nintendo and follow the presented link
  • Hit the first button – An account for myself.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Fill out the requested fields with your valid data. You are asked to specify your nickname, email, password, birthdate, gender, time zone, and country. Once you’re done with fields, keep note of the checkboxes. The first is optional, while the second one must be checked. After that, hit Submit.
How to create Nintendo account
  • Your account is created! Now they’ll send you a verification code. Check your mailbox, find the code, and enter these 5 digits into the field. Then hit OK -> Link.
How to create Nintendo account

How to create Nintendo Switch account via website

Making a Nintendo account online is perhaps the easiest option to get started. At the same time, you can sign up with any device – PC, Apple phone, or Android. We’ve described the procedure in detail.

How to create Nintendo account
  • Pick For users age 16 and older (if you belong to this category).
How to create Nintendo account
  • Enter your details into the fields and hit Continue.


Pick one of the options to sign up using your Google or Apple account. This will let you complete the process even faster since you won’t have to fill in the fields

How to create Nintendo account
  • Read the Nintendo terms and conditions and hit the checkbox to get permission to continue registering an account. Tap Submit.
How to create Nintendo account
How to create Nintendo account
  • Head to your mailbox and find a verification code just sent to you by Nintendo. Keep in mind that the code will be invalid in 24 hours. So, type it into the field and hit Verify. If you didn't receive the code, request a resending and check out your spam folder.
How to create Nintendo account


What are the age requirements to make a Nintendo Switch account?

Users aged 15 and less cannot create their own accounts. Their profiles must be linked to a parental account. Moreover, they can’t sign up via Google or Apple either.

How many Nintendo accounts can I create for my children?

Adult users (over 18) are allowed to link up to 5 children’s accounts. To do this, pick Family Group -> hit Add member -> choose Create a child account. Enter the required info and tap OK.

Can I make a new Nintendo account using my credentials for Facebook?

Regrettably, such an option is no longer available. The service allows you to sign up only using your Google or Apple account. Otherwise, you’ll have to complete the process manually by filling in all the fields.


Nintendo has simplified the procedure of account creation so you can proceed to playing your favorite games as promptly as possible. And since we’ve described the steps in detail, you’ll sign up easily irrespective of the device you use, be it PC, Android, Nintendo Switch, or iPhone. Anyway, if you’re in trouble, you can get instant online assistance from Howly. Our experts will help you make and set up an account, create a Nintendo Network ID, and deal with any other issues. Get instructive guidelines and troubleshoot tech problems 24/7!

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Millie Pearson
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I keep facing problems getting Nintendo to send a verification code to my email. It seems I'll never get to start playing.
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Can I play Mario Run without registration?
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This is actually a super helpful guide. I’m happy to find it today.
Stacey Phelps
Invalid Date
I’ve just created a new account to get cheaper games from another region. But I'm a bit afraid of being blocked. Has anyone done this before?
Invalid Date
I once registered an account through Facebook, but now there is no such an option for some reason.
Nathan Dickson
Invalid Date
Creating an account using Google is just a pleasure. Generally, I open all my accounts this way. Very comfortably!
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Seeking ways to de-register my acc on Nintendo as I’ll switch to Xbox in a couple of days.
Daniel Mosley
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Is there any benefit in creating a Nintendo account using Apple?
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I made my account via the website but it doesn't let me log in via Switch. I'm confused.
Invalid Date
I have encountered a message that I am not eligible for account creation. I’m over 15. What could be the reason?
Danny Dawson
Invalid Date
I’m about to set up my new Nintendo Switch following this guide. I hope this will be easy since this is my first console.
Invalid Date
How to use parental controls? I’m going to minimize my child’s exposure to gaming.
Judy Joyce
Invalid Date
I have got stuck on loading the privacy policy screen. Help me please!
Milton Tate
Invalid Date
I created an account with Nintendo online. I am not tech-savvy, but it was easy.
Zack Wilcox
Invalid Date
Thanks for the help with kids’ accounts. I've read tons of the Nintendo documentation but find it pretty confusing.

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