How to connect your Google Home to Wi-Fi?

Updated: May 29, 2023
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How to connect your Google Home to Wi-Fi?
by Anna Chernetska
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Wi-Fi opens up the utmost usability of the smart speakers, whichever speaker you have. If it accesses Wi-Fi, it replies, answers the questions, and governs the smart house network.

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This post is devoted to the quickest and simplest workbook on how to connect Google Home to hotspot and when you want to reconnect it to a new network. The best Howly specialists wrote this article based on their vast experience with smart home systems. For more detailed information or questions, comment below or contact our support chat. We are open 24/7 for you.

Let's sign in to your Wi-Fi before you start and continue.

How to connect a Google Home to Wi-Fi for new networks and devices?

Google Home

Initially, get the Google Home app on whichever device you opt to use: your phone or computer. You can do this through the App or Google Play Store. Proceed with this algorithm next:

Google Home
  1. Move to the app. If necessary, turn on Bluetooth. Sign in to the account. The result will be that your device will be displayed for connection. Go Next.
  2. You must hear some speech. If you do, hit Yes.
  3. On the Where is this device display, choose the device's location. Often it’s the name of the room where the smart speaker stands, for instance, Workroom.
  4. Give the smart speaker a unique name to distinguish it from other devices in the network.
  5. Pick the network adding Wi-Fi to Google Home, and hit Next.
  6. Insert the password, and then press Connect.
  7. Waif for up to a minute. The message will appear stating that the gadget is connected. If you haven’t received this notification, it means something needs fixing. Repeat the procedure or go to the troubleshooting section.

How to connect Google Home Mini to new Wi-Fi?

It is the same as in the case with other models. Follow these steps you did in the initial stage but now need to connect it to another network or one where the password has changed:

  • Open the app again.
  • Hit the + button, and proceed with the Set up device option.
  • The list of all devices will appear on the screen as you name them. Pick your device and open its Menu.
  • Once the Menu opens, choose Settings.
  • Find the Wi-Fi bar there among the listed ones.
Google Home
  • Try to Forget Wi-Fi Network.
  • Pick the device by hitting its icon on the app's home screen.
  • Then Add New Device.
  • Move to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and connect.
  • Go back to the app. If you can hear the person speaking, confirm with Yes.
  • The same as in the previous step, choose the location of the device. The most convenient way is to link it to the room name.
  • Name the speaker.
  • Choose the network, Google Home connecting to Wi-Fi. Move Next.
  • Put in the password, and select Connect.
  • Wait a bit; a message will notify you of the successful connection.

Fixing things

banner 3

When the connection settings Google Home app are lagging, and you have no idea why, there is a list of possible fixes. Try each one by one to find a solution.

  1. Make sure the network is working. Sometimes the internet has silently shut down.
  2. Relocate your Google Home or router to ensure the signal is powerful. The longer the distance, the weaker the connection. Besides, solid obstacles like inner walls can block the link.
  3. Restart the router and the smart speaker. Sometimes the root of the problem is a software glitch. Tap the Settings button on the device, then move to Menu, and choose Reboot.
  4. Prove that the password fits.
  5. Do a factory reset. Hold the button with the Factory reset sign for about 15 seconds. The smart speaker will restart.
  6. Put away other network devices or turn them off. The signal might be disturbed, and the connections may take longer than usual.

Contact customer support. It will help to win the situation about Google Home app Wi-Fi setup.


How do I connect Google Home to Wi-Fi with my TV?

Google Home doesn’t connect to a TV with a wire, but you can add the device to a Chromecast gadget of your TV.


We did our best to describe all the sorts of connecting Google Home Mini to Wi-Fi. The process is straightforward, so don't be afraid and get to work.

We intentionally added the extensive troubleshooting section for you to be sure to make all things right. However, if you face any difficulties, you’re free to contact the Howly team to get things done quickly and for sure. We stay in the chat until the issue is solved, no matter how long it takes.

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