Error code 70245 70358 transaction refused and how to deal with it

Updated: June 16, 2023
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Error code 70245 70358 transaction refused and how to deal with it
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Different errors may occur when you are making various operations and payment transactions on the website. One of the most common difficulties is the error like 70245 70358 transaction_refused. When users see such a problem, they try to renew the page, log in again to the program and enter the data again. However, in many cases, those actions are not effective enough.

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What do Ebay 70245, 70358 codes mean? The answers can be different, but when 70245 70358 transaction refused, the bank rejected the transaction. What to do in that case? What will happen to your money? Find the error codes 70245 70358 solutions in the review below.

What is a credit card error code?

During online shopping, you may face an error code during making the final payment for the items in your box. When you enter the data of the payment card and press buttons like “Pay” or “Continue”, the error code 70245 70358 transaction refused can appear.

The code means the payment was suddenly declined either by the vendor or issuing bank. To identify the reason for declining you have to check what numbers or letters of the error code mean. With a clear understanding of why the error code has appeared, you can deal with the problem and resolve it. The most spread problems are connected to the lack of connection from the bank due to technical problems, not enough money in the account, and expired cards.

Error code 70245 70358

The most common reasons why error codes as 70245 70358 eBay occur

There are many reasons for declining the transactions and giving in result eBay 70245, and 70358 error codes. Stay aware of some of the possible problems to resolve them on your own. Among the typical issues are:

  1. Verification error, which means the microchip on the card can be damaged.
  2. Code 51, which means the lack of money on your credit or debit card to complete the transaction.
  3. Code 65 means the limit of money withdrawings or payments per day was exceeded. In that case, you can either increase the limit of payments per day or repeat the transaction on the other day.
  4. The card is expired, so the transaction cannot proceed.
  5. Wrong card number. Sometimes you can enter the number improperly, so check it twice to submit and later process it in the correct way. The same can happen to the security code.
Error code 70245 70358

Can you prevent credit card processing errors?

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The number of errors is so great that it is impossible even to count them. To prevent procurement of the errors you have to make several simple check-ins before the transaction:

  1. Check the card balance.
  2. Review the limit for payments and withdrawings per day.
  3. Persuade the card is still valid.
  4. Check thoughtfully the security code and card number during submitting the information.

By making the actions above, you reduce the possibility to face with unsuccessful payment experience. However, the possibility of it still exists.

Error code 70245 70358


Error codes 70245 70358: what would you like to do next?

To resolve the problem with the type of code, make the following actions:

  1. Find the number of the code.
  2. Understand the meaning of numbers.
  3. Take actions to deal with the error. For instance, turn to the bank support team.

Why do errors occur when you have money on the card?

If you try to pay with your card and get the decline instead of the transaction, check the balance and limit for payments. The other method is to connect the bank and ask about the type of error.

How long does error code settlement last?

It depends on your approach to the resolution of the situation and the speed of taken actions. In general, it takes from 10 minutes to one hour.


So, error codes appear all the time. Everyone should have had the experience of dealing even with error codes 70245 70358 eBay. To find error codes 70245 and 70358 solutions you have to make your own research to understand the main reason for the problem. However, sometimes all checks can be ineffectual. In that case, turn to the professionals from the Howly company. The support team is really rapid, qualified, and trained, so the problem can be solved quickly.

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