Why Switch won't connect to Wi-Fi: 11 ways to fix Nintendo Switch Internet connection issues

Updated: April 04, 2023
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Why Switch won't connect to Wi-Fi: 11 ways to fix Nintendo Switch Internet connection issues
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Facing Internet problems is unpleasant. You can’t play games, download patches, and even backup files on the cloud. Don’t worry, it’s mostly a software issue. Stick to Howly guides on how to fix the Switch Internet connection, and you will be able to play your favorite games in less than an hour!

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11 Methods how to fix the Nintendo Switch wifi connection

Restart the console and check the network status. If this doesn't help, connect the console to the other network. If this help to fix the Internet connection on the Nintendo Switch, seek the issue source in the router. But if the console is still glitching, change its settings.

Check the protocol, swap to a 5 GHz network, and change firewall and MTU settings. Forget the network and re-enter it. The most severe action is a factory reset of the router and console.

Restart the console

Rebooting removes minor glitches. It erases temporary files, including corrupted ones. Hold the Power for 5-7 seconds until the device shut down. Wait 1-2 minutes and press the Power to turn on the device.

Check the network status

Switch Internet status

Maybe the console accidentally switches off the connection. It happens when you stand too far (40+ feet) from the router. Follow these steps to fix Nintendo switch Internet problem:

banner 3
  1. Press the HOME button.
  2. Pick System Settings → Internet → Test.
  3. If you see Success or OK near the Connection lane, everything is fine. The console is connected to Nintendo servers.

Connect to another router

If you don’t have it near you, take your phone and create a personal hotspot. Share some traffic with a console. It helps you determine the problem source. If Switch works with another router, there are some issues with your wireless network.

Modify the Wi-Fi protocol

Modern routers have at least 3-5 security protocols. And some of them may be not supported by the console:

  1. Open the HOME menu.
  2. Follow this path: System Settings → Internet → Settings.
  3. Choose your current network. You’ll see a list of available security protocols. Choose WEP, WPA-PSK(AES), or WPA2-PSK(AES).
  4. Write the network password.
  5. Select OK to confirm changes.

Switch to 5GHz

banner 6

Owners of a dual-band router should reconnect the Switch to the 5GHz network. Routers limit network speed, so the most sluggish devices can work on chosen network. Turn down all devices that lower the 2.5 Ghz network speed. Or just switch the console to the 5 GHz network.

Check your firewall settings

Nintendo firewall

Firewall tools decide whether to block specific traffic depending on the rules you have set. And sometimes it can block too much traffic:

  1. Use any browser (on Switch, PC, or phone).
  2. Sign into your router settings. You can find the default IP in a manual.
  3. Find Firewall settings in the router's menu. D-Link and TP-Link owners can find it in the Advanced tab. Netgear owners should look at WAN Settings.

Or you can factory reboot the router. Hold Power for 20-30 seconds and release the finger. Set a new password or use the default. You can find it on a sticker on a router’s back.

Check the Nintendo servers

Sometimes the source of Switch Internet connection issues may be on Nintendo’s side. Check the Maintenance Page to make sure that their services are working. You can also use DownDetector or similar services.

Change MTU settings

Switch MTU

MTU is an acronym for a maximum transmission unit. It determines the size of the largest packet that can be transmitted through your network. Nintendo experts say that you should set MTU in a range between 1492 and 1500:

banner 9
  1. Press the HOME button to get to the Home menu.
  2. Open System Settings → Internet → Connection.
  3. Find the connection that you wish to edit and choose Change Settings.
  4. Press the right arrow. Pick MTU Value.
  5. Press on a back key to clear the entry.
  6. Type a new number. Choose 1500 for cable Internet and 1492 for a DSL connection. Look at the ISP contract to find your connection type.
  7. Choose OK. It returns you to the Edit screen. Select Save → OK → Test.

Forget the current network

Remove the connection and reconnect to it again:

  1. Open the HOME menu.
  2. Choose the System SettingsInternet → Connection settings.
  3. Find the current connection and pick Clear Settings.
  4. Choose Yes to confirm.

Re-login into your network to check if there still are Switch Wi-Fi issues.

Change DNS

Nintendo DNS

Maybe you or your roommate recently updated the DNS server. It may be a reason for recent Nintendo Switch connectivity issues:

  1. Go Home → Settings → Internet → Settings.
  2. Find your present network.
  3. Pick Change Settings → DNS → Manual.
  4. Type as Primary and as Secondary.
  5. Press OK to confirm.

Factory reset

Nintendo factory reboot

It’s the most severe software action. It deletes all information from the console, including personal data:

  1. Open the HOME menu and go to System Settings.
  2. Find the System → Formatting Operations → Restore Factory Settings.
  3. You may see the warning that this action will remove all data.
  4. Press again on Restore Factory.


Why won't my Switch connect to the Internet, but other devices work fine?

There is a software glitch in the Switch. Change Wi-Fi protocol, MTU settings, and DNS server on Switch. Forget the network and re-enter it. If nothing helps, factory reset the console.

Why won't my switch connect to the Internet?

Check network status and settings, connect to another network, or switch to 5GHz. Change Wi-Fi protocol, firewall MTU settings, and DNS server.

How can I solve Nintendo Switch Internet connection problems?

Most connectivity issues are software-based. Check Nintendo settings, such as Wi-Fi protocol, MTU, DNS, and a firewall. It should fix the problem.

Final thoughts

You have eleven ways to fix the Internet on a Nintendo Switch. Restart it and check its network status. Connect it to another network. Change security protocol, firewall, and MTU settings, and switch to a 5 GHz network. Forget the password of your current network and re-enter it on Switch.

If those actions didn’t help you fix the Nintendo Switch Internet connection, factory reset the router and console. If you still face glitches, there can be some severe hardware issues. Contact Howly experts and tell them details of your case to get personalized guidelines.

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