ImgInn. Download Instagram posts, stories, video, avatar, and more (But…is it safe to use?)

Updated: June 08, 2023
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ImgInn. Download Instagram posts, stories, video, avatar, and more (But…is it safe to use?)
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The service called ImgInn (you may know it as Imgnn, Imagine, or Ingin) is extremely popular among Instagram users, as it allows viewing Instagram posts without revealing yourself. However, what are the risks? Is it legal and safe?

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Officially it’s just a tool, but it allows stalking accounts on Instagram. You can download almost all the content and watch stories. Here’s how.

What is ImgInn?

You can watch anonymously content from the open profiles of other users. They can’t see you watching. Moreover, you can't accidentally like others in ImgInn (or ImiGinn). So it’s totally lifesaving, as it prevents plenty of potentially stressful situations.

Starting instastalker ImgInn

ImgInn interface

You open the service and see a single-page website. Showing sponsored ads enables it to stay free for users. At the moment, there is no official ImgInn app. Here is how to use ImgInn to your advantage:

  1. Insert the user’s name you are looking for in a search box. Hit Enter or push the magnifier icon.
  2. ImgInn will show you a choice of corresponding accounts. Pick the profile you need.
  3. Now, you can view posts without them knowing you do.
  4. Hit Download to save the content, if you like.

Beware of tons of ads. Use the AdBlock extension if you don’t want to watch the ads. ImgInn will still do the job except minor glitches.

Can I create an account on Imginn?

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Creating new accounts is not allowed now. But there is no need to create one. You don’t have to registratean account to use this tool. No login, no pain.

How can I use Imglnn to save a story?

How to download stories with ImgInn

Watching and saving stories is no other than with posts. You find the profile you need via search, go to their page, and move to the Stories. After this, click Download.

How to download Instagram posts through ImgInn?

ImgInn is an anonymous. Here’s how you can download the post:

  1. Search the profile as described above.
  2. Pick your intended profile from the list with similar usernames.
  3. Select any post. In addition to a picture, you will see the description and partly comments.
  4. Tap Download.

Pros and cons of ImgInn

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The ImgInn Instagram service is a controversial tool, as it has its strengths and weaknesses. After this section, you decide whether you will use ImgInnor or will look for an alternative to

Positive things about ImgInn

Many people adore ImgInn (ImiGnn, Imgonn) for its main features like:

  1. download any content including photo, video, reels.
  2. Browsing profiles without accidentally reveally yourself.
  3. You can watch other profiles without having Instagram app at all, because can trick the social media engine.

Cons of ImgInn

But there is no gain without pain. Here are some disadvantages of the ImgInn Instagram viewer:

  1. Ads. Oceans of ads. It lets the service free of charge, constant advertising is annoying.
  2. The interface show likes or view counts in the post. Therefore, you can’t collect statistics.
  3. ImgInn can’t show posts from private accounts.
  4. Comments are not accessible if there are more than 100.

In general, ImgInn’s (Imigin, ImgImm) advantages and disadvantages are similar to the majority of preview and download services.

Is ImgInn safe?

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As the service allows viewing only public content, Instagram stories shared with your close friend's list are invisible. So the private accounts are. It shows that this tool can’t hack profiles and the overall policy is good.

We recommend it as a safe service. The ImgInn search engine just mediates viewing public profiles and downloading any content from there.

Can ImgInn hack personal data?

To prevent speculation with data usage, disabled the log-in feature from the service entirely. Now you don’t have to log in to view and download content.

Moreover, with years the service lost its many core spy features. So it can work even in countries with strict data regulations. Currently, it can’t hack personal data. But still, be careful and do not share valuable information with any similar tool.

How to remove my Instagram account from ImgInn?

Send a request to their customer support team. While your account status remains the same, others won’t find your page by a search. The same thing is with downloading any of your posts or stories. Open the Remove Request form, add the link to your Instagram page, and leave e-mail. Once the ImgInn satisfies your request, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.

Top 3 alternatives to try

We prepared 3 sites like ImgInn for you. Some have few paid extra features, while others allow you to watch and download just several posts for free.

DumporYes, you can use this tool to watch current stories and highlights. The downloading interface stays the same as with posts: you find the user, open their page, and click on the Stories tab. After this, click on the big blue Download button.

How to download Instagram posts anonymously from ImgInn?

ImgInn is an anonymous tool. You can download any post by following these simple steps:

  1. Type the username in the bar on the homepage. Confirm your search by pressing Enter (if you are using a PC) or tapping on the virtual magnifier button (if you are using a phone).
  2. You will see the list of users with similar usernames. Choose the one that you are looking for now. It will redirect you to their page in ImgInn viewer.
  3. Select any post. You will see the description and the first 10 comments.
  4. Click on the big Download button.

Pros and Cons of ImgInn

Every service has its advantages and disadvantages. And the ImgInn Instagram tool is no exception. We have compiled 2 lists containing all strengths and weaknesses of this service. This information will help you decide whether to use ImgInnor continue looking for an alternative to

Good Things about ImgInn

It’s no secret that this service has thousands of devoted customers. They prefer using ImgInn (ImiGnn, Imgonn) for its main features like:

  1. Ability to download any post: photo, video, reels.
  2. Browsing profiles anonymously. This feature excludes the possibility of liking someone’s post accidentally
  3. There is no necessity to have an Instagram account to watch other profiles. Nowadays, Instagram doesn’t allow you to watch profiles if you don’t login into the social network. But can trick the social media engine.

Bad Things about ImgInn

But behind every silver lining, there’s a cloud. Here are the main disadvantages of the ImgInn Instagram viewer:

  1. A lot of ads. It helps the team to keep the service free, but the number of advertisements could be annoying.
  2. The interface doesn’t allow you to see likes or view counts in the post. You wouldn’t be able to collect statistics using ImgInn.
  3. The service can’t show posts on private accounts.
  4. You can’t view all comments in the post if there are more than 100.

Basically, ImgInn (Imigin, ImgImm) works like most “preview and download from socials” services, so it has the same advantages and disadvantages as all similar tools.

Is ImgInn safe?

The service allows you to view content that users release to the general public. Therefore you can’t watch Instagram stories shared with your “Close Friends list” or visit a private account. It’s a good sign that shows that this tool can’t hack profiles.

We assume that it’s a pretty safe service, and the ImgInn search machine works like a medium that helps you view public profiles and download any media published there.

Is ImgInn capable of data hacking?

Previously, users could log in using their Instagram accounts to watch and download stories anonymously. It caused a lot of speculation concerning data usage. To prevent further issues, has just disabled the log-in feature from the service.

Moreover, in recent years the service has lost a bunch of core “spy” features. However, now it can work even in countries with strict data regulations. So, as for now, ImgInn (Imginm, ImgIin) is not capable of data hacking. But still, it’s better to be careful and not to share some valuable private information with any similar service.

How do I request to remove my Instagram account from ImgInn?

If you don’t want to share your content on ImgInn, you can send a request to their customer support team. Your Instagram account status remains the same. But when other users paste your username into the ImgInn search bar, they won’t find your page there.

They also won’t be allowed to download any of your posts or stories. Open the “Remove Request” page, copy the link to your Instagram page and write your contact e-mail. Once the ImgInn team satisfies your request, they will send you a letter to your e-mail.

Top 3 ImgInn alternatives to try

If you don’t like using this tool, we have 3 sites like ImgInn for you. Some have few paid extra features, while others allow you to watch and download just 10-20 recent posts for free.


Dumpor website

This service is ImgInn similar site (ImgInn, Img Inn). The functionality is identical but ads are fewer. Though Dumpor promises that you can watch other people's stories, this feature is unavailable at the moment. Here is the list of currently available features of Dumpor:

  • view and download posts & Reels of the selected user;
  • read the description and comments on the post;
  • imginn see followers and track their number;
  • hashtag search.


Storistalker tool

This IngInn alternative allows you to watch stories and posts of other people anonymously. It has free and paid versions. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, you will see only up to 20 recent stories and up to 50 latest posts.

If you want additional features, you can buy a “daily package”: 3 days for $9,99, 7 days for $14.7, or 15 days for $19.5. It will give you the following tracking features:

  • stalk all publicly available stories and posts;
  • track all likes and comments on the page;
  • view user’s subscriptions and unsubscriptions;
  • track the user's likes on other pages, which is extremely helpful as Instagram officially disabled this function a few years ago.

StoriesIG (former SmiHub)

StoriesIG tool and website

A free alternative to ImgInn (ImgIbn, Imiggin) allows you to stalk stories and posts of Instagram users. But it has some limits: up to 10 stories and 22 posts. There are no paid features. The algorithm is the same as in other tools:

  1. Type the username in the search bar. The tool will show you a few users with similar usernames.
  2. Choose the page that you want to track anonymously.
  3. View and save needed content.


ImgInn is an easy and powerful downloader of other people's posts. Type the username in the search bar, select profile, and you can visit the page anonymously.

ImgInn uses the Instagram Search engine, so you don’t need to worry about safety issues. This service is secure as it allows you to download posts without signing in to Instagram or ImgInn. Moreover, you can see all posts from the user that are publicly available at the moment, while other ImgInn alternatives only allow you to watch 10-20 recent posts for free.

Do you still have any questions about this service or its alternatives? Ask Howly! We have a team of professional tech experts who can help you solve any tech issue: from not working ImgInn website to issues with your smart fridge!

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