How to Retain the Instagram Account with Lost Email and Phone Number

Table of Content

  • How to Retain the Instagram Account with Lost Email and Phone Number
  • Why Does Insta Insist on Phone Check?
  • What If You Lost or Forgot the Attached Email or Phone Number to Enter Instagram?
  • Restore Access to the Email Address
  • Replace Phone Number or Email Associated with Instagram
  • What If I Cannot Enter Instagram to Change my Email or Phone Number?
  • How to Restore Your Account without Email or Phone Number?
  • Ask for More Help
  • Request Support
  • You Are on the Final Stage

What If You Cannot Access Associated Email or Phone Number to Enter Instagram?

Retain the Instagram Account

The photo-sharing platform Instagram started operating in 2010 and won the hearts of billions of people around the globe. Considering the stats, the Insta community has grown from 814,5 million people in 2019 to 1,130,200 billion users in 2022. Furthermore, the number is expected to grow up to 1,180,500 billion in 2023.

Like many other virtual hubs for socializing and marketing, Instagram requires personal information during registration. What if some data like your phone number pulls out of your account? Keep reading, and you will learn much, including how to add a phone number to get back into Instagram.

Why Does Insta Insist on Phone Check?

Why does Instagram want my phone number? Many users and experts doubt Internet security, considering the massive data leaks everywhere in the virtual space. For this reason, Instagram sign-up requires a phone number to take all the necessary measures to protect their users and prevent identity thefts.

Instagram phone number verification is one of the efficient methods to check the user’s authenticity. However, not all people have appreciated this initiative since many do not want to disclose their real phone contacts on the Web. Therefore, they may use a temporary instead of a fake phone number for Instagram verification. Yet, the controversial procedure is mandatory when creating a new page or landing on the app from another region or IP. So, what are the user’s benefits?

  • It provides a two-step authentication that implies the possibility to set another password if you have lost the previous one or in case of suspicious activity on your Insta account.
  • Phone number verification confirms users’ real identities.
  • The measure prevents scamming users from creating multiple accounts.

The entire process is straightforward and takes a minute. Once you have the Instagram login, attach your phone number, and enter the bypass Instagram security code delivered by the system.

What If You Lost or Forgot the Attached Email or Phone Number to Enter Instagram?

Lost or Forget the Attached Email or Phone Number

You need to enter your Instagram account but do not remember the password and cannot access your credentials. Then, how to verify an Instagram account without a phone number? Troubleshooting will not take much time and effort.

It is worth considering that logging in to Instagram without a phone number or email restricts you from signing into the platform. Therefore, contacting a support service is usually the first idea that comes to mind. However, experienced Insta fans have already known how challenging it can be. Therefore, the following instruction will help one cope with the issues quickly and trouble-free.

Restore Access to the Email Address

If you want to dispense with contacting the Instagram help center and fake phone number for Instagram, try to restore your email, regardless of your mail provider (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.). For this purpose, make several steps described below:

  • Download the dedicated app on the computer.
  • Sign in to the computer.
  • Select system analysis in the app.
  • Choose the browser for research.
  •  Finally, run the browser’s analysis.
  • Look through the complete browser history represented chronologically in the History menu.
  • Check whether the program has extracted the email password (available in the passwords menu).
  • Find the password, go through, and enter the password.

Thus, the job is done. You have succeeded in restoring your email. If you fail to find the password in the many, make the same steps to reach out to your “backup” email. Google account restoration is also possible without dealing with third-party software.

  • Land on the domain
  • Choose the option relevant to your case.
  • Indicate the email address you want to restore.
  • Click continue and follow the recommendation of changing your password (optionally).
  • Specify the last password you remember.
  • Type in the phone verification number on record.
  • Get the 6-digit code from Google in the SMS and enter the code.

Finally, the system will redirect you to the screen to reset your password and restore the account.

Screen for password reset and account recovery

Replace Phone Number or Email Associated with Instagram

How to verify your Instagram account without a phone number or email? Imagine you have lost your credentials or changed them. At the same time, you can enter Instagram. In this case, transforming that data would be a wise solution. Thus, you should update the information in your Instagram profile to edit because any password resets stuff will be done using the associated email address:

  • Open Instagram.
  • Select the Profile button in the bottom right and go to your profile.
  • Find the Edit Profile menu item.
  • Scroll down to see private information and the Email Address tab.
  • Tap your email to edit.

All you need is to choose the Check Box to verify your new email and hit the checkmark to save settings. How to add a phone number to get back into Instagram bypass? Follow the steps offered above. The only difference is to opt for the Phone Number instead of the Email Address tab. Consider getting the code in SMS to verify your new phone number.

What If I Cannot Enter Instagram to Change my Email or Phone Number

What if you cannot log in to add a phone number to get back into Instagram or change any profile information? The solution depends on the reason. Thus, first, you should check your username and password for correct typing. If all data you have entered is valid and accurate, Instagram probably has disabled your account, leaving you the only option of creating a new one.

Instagram does not recognize your data by signing in from another mobile device. For this reason, you should proceed with further verification in this situation. Other causes are possible. Consider the steps below to define and fix the issue:

  • First, check your network for an Internet connection.
  • Next, reload your device’s time and data.
  • Clean apps’ cache in the Application Setting section.
  • Try to sign in from the desktop device or through Facebook.

In addition, updating the app and changing the password may help.

How to Restore Your Account without Email or Phone Number

Is it possible to bypass Instagram phone verification? Then, open the app and find the “Get help logging in” option below the Username and Password fields.

Then, you will be redirected to the window where you can look for your account. Enter your username and tap Next to access your account. Once you are logged in, the system offers to choose how to restore your account – via SMS or by logging in to your Facebook. However, considering the lost email and phone number, getting more help is required.

Ask for more help

Do you need a phone number for Instagram? The system asks whether you would like to proceed with one of your phone numbers to restore the account through SMS or email. First, however, you must choose the option of no access to your email and phone number. Well, this is done. What is next?

Request support

The Instagram algorithm will grant you the request support window to let you specify the account details you would like to restore:

  • Enter the current email address you use to get the email address for account authorization.
  • Enter your old email to let the system find it in its database.
  • Pick between the personal account or company brand account in case of recovering the business account.

Click one of the options to answer the question about the reasons for your request (forgot the email, cannot log in, was hacked, or others.). Moreover, you can add more information to describe your problem for a successful Instagram phone number verification bypass.

You are in the final stage.

Tap the blue Request Support button and get access to a video selfie as your last step to restore the account. Taking a video selfie is easy to recover your account since it proves that the genuine user is behind the request. In turn, Instagram value this method accepting it as an extra security layer.

Therefore, follow the on-screen guide until it notifies that the video is completed. Then, submit the action and tap Done to enter via the specified email, where you get the link to authorize your account during a couple of working days.