What to do if you've lost sound in Zoom — 10 lifehacks to help fix Zoom audio on computer

Updated: April 04, 2023
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What to do if you've lost sound in Zoom — 10 lifehacks to help fix Zoom audio on computer
by Christine Tomas
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Zoom users often have problems with the sound during a conference. When you can`t hear on zoom your participants, no one may not be able to hear you too. Don't worry, you can fix these zoom audio problems yourself. In this article, you will learn 10 working ways to restore sound in Zoom.

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Why the sound does not work in Zoom: possible reasons

The reasons why you can't hear on zoom can be completely different. They usually depend on malfunctions of the device, technical problems with the application, errors, etc. So let’s highlight the most common problems with the sound of Zoom:

  • the speaker/microphone plug is not fully inserted into the computer;
  • the microphone drivers need to be updated;
  • the microphone is connected after starting Zoom;
  • temporary technical problems Zoom.

10 useful ways how to fix Zoom audio that definitely work

how to fix Zoom audio

Join audio

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Even if you have already given Zoom permission to use your audio, it may not work. This is due to a technical glitch in the program or users being inattentive and clicking on the wrong cap. Fixing this problem is very easy.  Use your mouse to go to the lower right corner of the program. There, select Join Audio and click on it.

Check if the microphone is properly connected to the computer

If you are having Zoom sound problems, check that the microphone is properly inserted. If you have a desktop PC with a system box or a laptop computer, pay attention to its output panel. The microphone plug must be inserted into the hole that is labeled "mic" or has a picture of a microphone and must be firmly inserted into the hole without falling out. There may also be a problem with headphones. They should be checked separately. It is best to find another device and connect the headphones to it. If the same problem occurs, you should change the headphones.

Zoom sound problems

Check the speaker settings

This is often the reason for no sound on Zoom. Don't worry, this is very easy to fix. First, make sure that Zoom is using the correct device for sound output. To do this, click on the arrow next to the microphone. The speaker section should display the device you are using. If you see more than one device in the speaker section, select each device in turn and check the audio.

Set up playback in Zoom

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  1. Open Zoom, and go to Settings.
  2. Here, in the block dedicated to Speaker, you need to click the Check button.
  3. Under Volume you will be able to adjust the intensity of the sound. If there was no beep, you will need to check which device is being used as the audio playback device. To do this, press the button which opens a list of available equipment, among which you will need to specify the desired one.

Reboot the device

This is the simplest but quite workable way that can really help, and all because the technical Zoom audio problems on laptop are temporary. And rebooting the device (phone, tablet or laptop) can easily solve this problem. For starters, you can try restarting the zoom app itself (turn off and restart). If this does not help, then restart the device.

Zoom audio problems on laptop

Try running Zoom as an administrator

In order to fix audio in Zoom meeting on laptop, just press the hotkey combination using Shift. There is a chance that enabling the microphone on your device can be activated only by using the hotkeys. If you have tried all the hotkey combinations and no sound appears, use this method.

Close the application and find the Zoom shortcut on the desktop. Right-click on it and select Run as administrator.

Check the sound in the app

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Make sure that the Zoom app does not have a mute button pressed. You can do this by open the Volume Mixer. Here you will see a separate control for Zoom, which should also be turned to higher values.

Check the audio driver

The Zoom sound problems may also be caused by an outdated version of the driver.

  1. In the menu, find the Device Manager button and click on it.
  2. In the window that opens, find the Sound, video, and game controllers section.
  3. Find the desired audio device and right-click, then select Update Driver. Excellent! Now check your audio on the meeting.
Zoom sound problems

Run the Windows Microphone Troubleshooter

There is a possibility that the problem with audio playback is specific to your laptop or personal computer. If you've gone through several possibilities and still don't know exactly why you're having Zoom audio problems in laptop, we suggest that you run Windows troubleshooting. Look for the Recording Audio tab and click Run Troubleshooter

Reinstall the Zoom app on your device

If all of the above methods did not help you, then you should completely uninstall Zoom on your device and reinstall it.


My microphone in zoom always worked, but now it stopped. What to do?

This could probably be due to technical problems with the app. Try rebooting the device and reinstalling the app.

What to do if all the ways to fix the microphone do not help?

If you have tried all the methods and are sure that your device and microphone are fine, but the problem is in the Zoom app, contact support through the official website.

What should I do if the sound is lost during a conference?

The cause could be a breakdown inside your device or a problem with the Zoom app. try different options to fix the sound and find the right one.


Zoom users often encounter problems when they can't hear Zoom meetings. There are several ways to correct this problem. This article describes the top 10 tips for restoring sound in Zoom. Memorize them and keep this article handy so you can always recover the sound quickly.

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