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Is your tablet stuck in Portrait Mode? Maybe it refuses to charge and drains almost immediately? Or it gets too hot while you use it? It’s frustrating to this point that you publicly ask, “What is wrong with my tablet?” on forums. Ask the expert directly! You’ll get a detailed troubleshooting guide from Howly. Our technicians explain how to fix your tablet within minutes.

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Most common tablet issues

Tablets are complex tech that needs constant care. It may start glitching if you keep it for too long in a warm or hot environment. It gets hot and glitchy if you use it for too long with high-demanding apps. So, when you ask yourself, “Why is my tablet not working?” look at the conditions where and how you mostly use the device.

Most likely, you are facing one of those issues:

  1. Frozen interface.
  2. The display is stuck in portrait mode.
  3. Wi-Fi issues.
  4. The tablet gets stuck on the blue “Death Screen.”
  5. Buggy display.
  6. Drained battery.
  7. Tablet gets too hot.
  8. You can’t open Google Play or App Store.
  9. The device refuses to charge.
  10. Cloud storage doesn’t sync.
  11. Screen gets dark even in a bright environment.
  12. Tablet doesn’t identify a stylus or keyboard
  13. Both front and back cameras don’t work.
  14. Tablet refuses to open documents in the File Manager.

With fine tablet troubleshooting instructions, you can fix all those issues without leaving your room. Most tablet issues are software related, so you can solve them almost immediately. Hardware problems are rare, but you can still fix them with step-by-step guidelines.

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Save your time and money! Instead of asking, “How do I fix my tablet?” on various forums, ask for expert help. Thus, you’ll get useful knowledge and skills for troubleshooting similar issues on tablets and phones in the future.

Just click on our chat box and tell us all details of your case. Howly experts have great technical skills and wide experience in fixing tablets. So you’ll get an answer within minutes. We will send you detailed guidelines and consult you at every step of your troubleshooting to ensure that you fix your favorite gadget. 

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Here we’ve collected answers to the most popular questions about troubleshooting tablet issues from our users. Haven’t you found an answer to your question about troubleshooting tablet problems?

How do you fix a tablet if it refuses to turn on?

Change the charger cable. Maybe your tablet doesn’t have the energy to turn on. Check the temperature: it may be too hot. Leave it in a cold place for 20-30 minutes.

Why is my tablet display unresponsive to fingers but OK with a stylus?

If you are using gloves, it is the standard reaction. Most gloves are thick, so your finger can’t absorb the capacitive touchscreen electrostatic charge. Take off the gloves, and clean the screen of oil and dirt with a dry cloth.

Why a frozen screen and a drained battery are common Duoduogo tablet problems?

It’s one of the cheapest tablets on the market. Price-friendly devices often have a weak battery and limited CPU. Thus, they don’t get any updates. So, they can start glitching even after one year of usage.

How to fix my tablet if it has a glitchy touch screen?

Close all currently open apps. Memory issues can lead to a frozen screen. Restart the device and use system apps to find unresponsive areas.