How to deal with your Wi-Fi router issues in minutes

Wi-Fi randomly stops working? Have trouble setting up your new router? Poor signal makes your network connection fail time after time? Howly understands your struggles to maintain strong web connectivity. Indeed, in this day and age of the rapid proliferation of advanced devices and smart home gadgets, a stable, high-speed internet is just a must. So Howly is here to diagnose router issues and stabilize its work for you.

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Wondering whether Howly will be good for you? If you’re looking for quick fixes to your technical problems, we’re those who can handle any challenge. Our experts are well aware of all existing Wi-Fi router problems and solutions. They boast impressive troubleshooting skills learned over years of hard work and need little time to provide you with an effective repair technique. The best tech geeks are available for you 24/7!

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People who assist you

People who assist you

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Common router problems Howly professionals deal with

Modern routers are much more advanced and technically competent than the ones we used 10 years ago. However, as practice shows, breakdowns still occur. Although these devices differ in models and types (wireless and wired), their malfunctions are usually the same. Take a look at the common problems with routers Howly fixes:

  • unreliable web connection;
  • setup conflicts; 
  • router stops working/shuts down;
  • slow Wi-Fi connection;
  • loose router cables;
  • firmware updates issues;
  • overheating;
  • Wi-Fi printer fails to connect;
  • low signal quality;
  • the signal keeps bouncing.

In addition to the above-listed problems, Howly is happy to solve any other issues for you. So whether you have troubles with your router, modem, or router-modem unit, our experts will give you a quick solution!

Typical causes of router not working issues

If you can hardly call yourself tech-savvy, diagnosing Wi-Fi issues may cause you a lot of headaches. Indeed, the reasons vary and depend on many factors. We’ve highlighted the principal ones below:

  • restrictions on media access control (mac) address;
  • router and pc settings incompatibility;
  • mismatched security configurations;
  • wrong wireless channel;
  • network overcrowding;
  • outdated firmware;
  • defective hardware;
  • physical damage.

Have trouble determining which of these causes fits your case? Howly specialists will sort things out for you!

Why troubleshooting router issues with Howly is a good idea

If you’re experiencing lags while streaming videos, playing online games, or just surfing the web, chances are it’s your router to blame. Whatever problem you’re bothering with, Howly will fix it right away so you can enjoy the perks of modern technologies to the fullest. Our specialists repair internet router issues online, using innovative tools and implementing advanced troubleshooting techniques. We offer individual approaches and address user problems with particular care. We’ll do our best so that you regain access to all the life pleasures with flawless network connectivity!

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You may find an instant repair solution to your Wi-Fi router problem among the FAQs from Howly customers.

Eager to know more about router problems and solutions?

My router keeps getting hot. How can I stop overheating?

Lasting work and heavy load cause the router to overheat. Turn off your device from time to time and let it cool down. If it still gets too hot, check the vents and move the router to a better-ventilated location.

What to do if I cannot turn on my router?

Ensure your device is getting power from the outlet. Re-plug the Ethernet cable and make sure the connector makes a clicking sound when you snap it into position. Moreover, check the integrity of the cable and the condition of the outlet itself.

My Windows PC keeps dropping the Wi-Fi connection. Are there any fixes?

The problem may lie in both your router and computer. First of all, try rebooting the devices, then check the availability of system and driver updates, and reset the network settings. If Wi-Fi is still out, but the router works well, contact your service provider for customer support.

Does my internet speed depend on my router? How to improve it?

Routers do have the power to affect the internet speed. To make the best out of it, move your device closer to the PC, upgrade the router with a quality mesh system, get a Wi-Fi repeater, and disconnect unused phones, PCs, and other devices.