Amazon Fire TV issues troubleshooting

Fire TV is a compact and extremely handy device. This little digital media player does wonders, allowing people to watch movies and videos, play games, download applications, and do many other exciting things. Although the device is famous for good quality and stable operation, problems still happen. Therefore, you should know how to fix Amazon Fire TV quickly and easily. And Howly is here to provide you with instant help!

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What could be better than solving any technical problems from the comfort of your couch? Moreover, Howly offers the best professionals to provide you with top-quality online assistance. While your local service centers have just a few specialists, Howly boasts a big group of certified experts! This makes the Amazon Fire box troubleshooting process much faster. In addition, our specialists work 24/7, so they are available to you even at midnight!

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People who assist you

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Widespread Amazon Fire TV issues users face

Amazon introduced its media streaming device in three forms: a Stick, TV box, and TV Cube. Each of the players has its own advantages and disadvantages, but breakdowns happen with all devices without exception. Fortunately, Howly experts have been working with these consoles for a long time and know literally everything about them. It’s even hard to count how many users turned to us for help, asking, “Why is my Fire TV not working?” However, our experts managed to compile a list of the most common Fire TV problems our customers have:

  1. Fire TV remote refuses to work;
  2. FireStick keeps overheating;
  3. Fire TV white light is blinking;
  4. Video resolution issues;
  5. Internet connection errors;
  6. Fire TV freezes on the logo and can’t boot;
  7. Application crashes;
  8. Sound bugs;
  9. Screen mirroring issues;
  10. App update problems.

Do you have another Fire TV bug? Ask your questions at any time of the day or night! Howly experts will solve any Fire TV glitches no matter how complicated they are.

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An efficient repair is crucial when it comes to broken media streaming gadgets. Our experts do their job diligently and quickly, saving you time and money. After all, it’s always easier to fix a device than to buy a new one, of course, if you trust the repair to the best experts, such as Howly specialists.

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Very few people are able to fix media streaming devices without any technical background. Most Howly customers claim that they tried to fix Amazon TV problems themselves but just made the situation worse. Therefore, it’s better to seek help as soon as a problem arises and get an instant solution than to rack your brains for hours and get no result. So, we’re waiting for your questions and are always happy to help!

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If your problem ranks among the top 3 most widespread Amazon Fire TV breakdowns, you may find the solution below:

How to fix a broken Amazon TV remote?

There are a few highly efficient tips that can help you fix this problem:

  • Change the batteries. This is the first thing to do if your Fire TV remote has stopped working at all. It’s also possible that you’ve installed the batteries incorrectly. So take them out and then put them back in. If the remote still refuses to work, purchase new batteries and replace old ones.
  • Move closer to your FireStick. The remote connects to the Amazon TV via Bluetooth technology and has just a 10 feet range. So make sure you keep the device within this distance. Moreover, ensure that nothing is blocking the signal between the TV and the remote and get rid of obstacles if any.
  • Connect the TV remote control to your FireStick. This is a mandatory procedure if you use the device for the first time. But it also happens that the remote disconnects from the Amazon TV for some reason. To make your device work, power it on. Then press the Home button and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Fix the remote. If the above-mentioned steps don’t work, inspect the remote for damage. The reason may lie in the internal breakdown. In this case, you’ll have to repair the remote or replace it with a new one.
What to do if my Fire TV stopped working?

Howly specialists compiled a list of the best solutions to the problem:

  1. Turn your device off and on.
  2. Update TV firmware
  3. Eliminate screen mirroring errors.
  4. Check the battery power.
  5. Make sure you’ve connected the television to the network.
  6. Check HDMI adapter, cables, and USB ports for damage.
  7. Check your remote to make sure it’s working properly.
  8. Reset the FireStick.
Amazon Fire TV DV83YW can’t connect to Wi-Fi. What to do?

This is the most common glitch with this model of Amazon TV. To resolve the issue, stick to this instruction:

  • Reset your router and update its firmware to the latest version available.
  • Connect to a 5.0 GHz network. If you connect your Fire TV to a 2.4GHz network, this will entail Wi-Fi speed issues.
  • Reconnect your Fire TV to the network.
  • Eliminate any obstacles between the router and the FireStick.
  • Connect to the Internet by specifying the SSID (name) of your Wi-Fi if your device can’t find the hidden network. Follow the instructions:
    • Open the settings.
    • Tap on Network > Then select “Join other networks”.
    • Enter the SSID and click the “Next” button to move on.
    • Choose the desired security type and add your Wi-Fi password.
    • Then click on the “Connect” button.
  • Turn off your Fire TV and let it rest for a while. Then turn it on and try connecting to the network again.
  • Check your Fire TV for the latest updates and install the software if available.