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Having problems with the performance of your PlayStation? Is your console turning off out of the blue leaving you confused? Are system crashes becoming more frequent and annoying? Or maybe the controller is drifting or refusing to work at all? Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, we know handy DIY solutions to troubleshoot PlayStation without contacting Sony. Just keep reading. Howly has already prepared a helpful guide for you!

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Do you know why Howly is the best place to deal with PlayStation bugs? Each specialist from our large team prioritizes the interests of our clients. We work for people and take on a mission to solve technical breakdowns, making devices breathe new life. Our certified specialists know what they’re doing and guarantee the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. We work 24/7 and are always ready to answer your questions!

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People who assist you

People who assist you

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Frequent PlayStation issues users face today

Next-gen console owners often report various malfunctions in the operation of their devices, and PlayStation shares a fairly large part of the complaints. What prevents users from enjoying faultless gameplay? Explore the top 10 most reported PS troubles Howly customers have.

  1. Console shutdowns;
  2. PlayStation connection issues;
  3. Audio playback problems;
  4. Recurrent game freezes;
  5. Disc drive malfunctions;
  6. Automatic games uninstallation;
  7. PlayStation headphones not working issue;
  8. Storage bugs;
  9. Severe PS controller drift/sticky buttons; 
  10. Rest mode random crashes.

If you’re an avid PlayStation fan, you’ve probably experienced some of these issues. These are just 10 of the dozens of console problems Howly experts handle regularly. So they already know the solution to your PS bug as well!

PlayStation is not working: possible reasons

Whatever console problem you run into, it never happens all of a sudden. And the ability to recognize and understand the symptoms of the issue provides suggestions on relevant troubleshooting methods. So what can cause faulty operation of your console? Let’s figure it out!

  • Lack of power supply;
  • Overheat;
  • Outdated firmware or software;
  • External or internal damage;
  • Incorrect screen resolution;
  • Broken cables;
  • PlayStation network outage;
  • Glitchy games;
  • Overfilled memory;
  • Hard drive failures.

There are also some other, more individual causes of console breakdowns. We’ve named the most common ones so you know where the problem may lie.

Handle PlayStation problems right now with Howly

Although PlayStation is the most popular console with millions of sales worldwide, this has little effect on the problems users face. And while some malfunctions may seem minor, they actually cause genuine concern in many video game fans. According to Howly experts, the number of PS problems is only growing in these latter days, despite Sony’s best efforts to make their product work flawlessly.

Luckily, it takes Howly a minimum of time to resolve any bothersome console problems. And you have the opportunity to deal with your PlayStation issues today, right here and now. It’s pretty simple – just find our chat box and describe your concerns. A savvy expert will contact you promptly. You can also find some relevant DIY solutions to popular PS issues in our FAQ section below!

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User questions about fixing PlayStation problems are quite common these days when people spend more time at home playing their favorite games.

Want to learn the most effective solutions to popular PlayStation issues?

How do I get my PlayStation 4 turned on?

Check the television HDMI port and cable carefully to make sure they’re undamaged. Meanwhile, unplug all cords and keep your console rested for 20-30 minutes. Booting in safe mode also works well to fix the power-on issue.

How to fix not working PlayStation audio?

Check the HDMI cable and change the port, for example, to HDMI 2. Next, adjust the settings for Audio Output and reboot the console. You can also update the PS system software or make factory settings reset. Some users plug in headphones as a temporary workaround.

What are the best PSN troubleshooting methods?

First of all, check if the problem is related to the PSN outage. If the network is working, restart the modem and the PlayStation itself. A good alternative is to reconnect the console via an Ethernet cable.

My PlayStation 4 gets hot too. How to cool it down quickly?

The most reliable way to cool the PS down is to turn it off and keep it rested for at least 30-40 minutes. You can use this time to clean the device from dust. Pay special attention to fans. After that, provide powerful airflow to avoid further overheating.