Get Professional Acer Support from Howly

Acer products enjoy great popularity due to the high build quality and affordable prices. But no matter what laptop model you use, each device loses its appeal over time. Thus, you encounter problems that reduce the performance of your PC. However, you can easily solve these issues with a simple Acer laptop troubleshooting, and Howly will help you get your device back to life!

“Quality is better than quantity” – Howly experts always adhere to this principle and provide customers with quick and easy solutions to Acer laptop problems. Our team comprises over 1 000 certified professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of technology and never cease to improve their skills. Moreover, Howly specialists work 24/7, so you can get instant Acer help anytime!

Common Problems with Acer Laptops

Howly experts often deal with the problems of the most popular and inexpensive series of Acer laptops – Aspire. No matter how much your device costs, it’s better to entrust its repair to specialists. In essence, our professionals know everything about laptops and have been studying their breakdowns for many years. So, if you need Acer Aspire support or a quick fix for any other Acer laptop, Howly can easily handle it. Meet the most popular issues thousands of Acer owners ask us to solve:

  1. Problems with system recovery;
  2. Media Control menu isn’t displayed;
  3. Distorted image on Acer display;
  4. Laptop upgrade, SSD installation;
  5. Overloaded laptop memory;
  6. Trouble installing NVIDIA driver;
  7. Acer laptop virus removal;
  8. Acer laptop stops charging;
  9. No hard drive found an error;
  10. Half black, half white screen.

Certainly, Acer laptops problems aren’t limited to this list. And we can help you fix your device even if you face any other issues. We aren’t afraid of difficulties and are always ready to take on any challenge!

How to Fix Acer Laptop Issues with Howly Experts

Does your Acer laptop keep crashing? You no longer need to run to the service center as you can solve the problem here and now! Howly is an extremely simple and convenient service designed to make life easier for our customers. Furthermore, we introduce the best innovative technologies to repair technical devices online. Thus, you can get live Acer support via chat or remote connection to your laptop. Our customers find such an approach very convenient and often ask us the following questions about different Acer models:

My Acer laptop won’t turn on. What should I do?

One of the possible reasons why an Acer laptop stopped turning on is power problems. Sometimes it’s enough to take out the battery, wait for 10-15 minutes, and put it back. If the device still doesn’t turn on, check the following:

  • Condition of the electrical network and outlet. This is extremely relevant in case the laptop battery has been unusable for a long time, and you use the device as a desktop computer, that is, only powered from the mains.
  • Power unit. Carefully inspect the wires, as even the smallest damage can cause the not charging problem. Thus, your Acer computer won’t turn on. 
  • Charging port. Remove dirt, dust, and foreign objects, if any. But do it carefully not to damage the port.
  • External devices. Different external devices can cause a short circuit that prevents your Acer laptop from turning on. So, disconnect them all and check if the laptop works in this mode. Then, if Acer turns on, connect all external devices one by one to find out which of them caused the problem.

Why does my Acer laptop get hot, and what to do about it?

Laptop overheating is a common reason for seeking Acer Aspire 3 support on Howly. But other models can have this problem, too. The laptop overheating is often supplemented by spontaneous reboots, application freezes, and noisy fans. The main prerequisites for overheating are:

  • Non-compliance with the rules of exploitation;
  • Lots of dust inside the laptop;
  • The discrepancy between the technical capabilities of the device and the applications running on it;
  • Cooler failure;
  • Thermal paste drying up;
  • Heat in the room. 

To fix the problem, take some steps to provide additional cooling. For example, purchase a vacuum cooler or a cooling stand. 

How to solve Wi-Fi issues on Acer Aspire One running Windows 10?

Users often ask for Acer Aspire One support when their laptop doesn’t detect available Wi-Fi networks. And there is only one reason for such issues: the wireless network adapter driver. So, either it’s not installed at all, or it’s installed but doesn’t work correctly. As a rule, Windows 10 already has a driver for the Wi-Fi adapter, but it doesn’t always work as it should.

If you don’t see any networks available for connection, there is no Wi-Fi button on your laptop, or you encounter the “Couldn’t find wireless devices on this PC” error, your driver is most likely not installed. Therefore, go to the official Acer website and download the required driver. Once you install it, the system will start working correctly.

Efficient Acer Troubleshooter from Howly

It’s worth noting that Acer laptop repairs are quite simple. The most important thing is to determine the cause of a breakdown and fix it as soon as possible. Howly offers reliable and efficient solutions to any Acer computer issues. Moreover, thanks to online consultations with top experts, your device will run smoothly and flawlessly for a long time. So, contact Howly and enjoy high-quality repairs and professional service from skilled specialists!