Updated: March 11, 2023
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What makes a clicking noise when my wash machine wakes rinces

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A clicking noise when your washing machine is rinsing may be caused by a number of things. Some possibilities include:
- An obstruction in the pump or drain system, which can cause the machine's motor to work harder and make a clicking sound.
- A loose or broken belt, which can cause the machine's drum or agitator to make a clicking sound as it turns.
- A problem with the machine's bearings, which can cause the drum or agitator to make a clicking sound as it turns.
- A failing timer or control knob, which can make a clicking sound as it switches between settings or cycles.
It would be better to consult the manual of the machine or contact the manufacturer. If the problem persist, contact a professional for a diagnosis, as the noise could be indicative of a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

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my wash machine makes a grinding noise it washes oand rinces

A grinding noise during the wash or rinse cycle of your washing machine may indicate a problem with the machine's transmission or drive motor. The transmission is responsible for controlling the movement of the wash drum and the drive motor is responsible for turning the drum.
Other possibilities include:
- Worn or damaged transmission gears: The gears inside the transmission may have worn down over time, causing them to grind against each other.
- Damaged drive motor: The drive motor may have seized or failed and is no longer able to turn the drum.
- Foreign object such as coin, button or small pieces of fabric inside the drum or inside the pump
- Improperly installed washer (not level)

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