Updated: April 01, 2023
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The internet provider switched to fiber optic

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Please describe your request with as many details as possible for me to get the whole picture of the situation.

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My Tokugawa stick shows the Tokugawa city screen but won’t switch to the home oage

Could you please elaborate?
What is Togukawa Stick?

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Don’t know I type and your page changes what I typed to that

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Got it. What device are you referring to?

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Tokugawa stick

There is no such a device as Tokugawa Stick, *****.
Maybe you are talking about Roku Stick?


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I have a streaming stick from roku

Did you try restarting your TV?

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Ok. Did you try removing your Roku device from your TV and then putting it back?

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Ok. Please switch back to your Roku input channel.
Check if the issue has been resolved.

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Yes just did after you told me to

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all I get is the opening scanning picture

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What does it say?

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it Just has the roku channel streaming ads

Please try to use your Roku remote. Try pressing buttons to skip the ads.

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No response to the remote

Please remove the batteries from your remote and then put them back.

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Removed and reinserted still no response to the remote

It is possible that your batteries need to be replaced.
Do you have new batteries that you can use with your remote?

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Just replaced them a few days ago

Ok. Hold on.
Please try these steps:

  1. Remove the batteries from your remote once again.
  2. Unplug your Roku player from your TV, wait for 5 to 10 seconds, and plug it back in again.
  3. When you see the Roku home screen on your TV, insert the batteries back into the remote.
  4. Press and hold the reset button, which is located in the battery compartment, for about 5 seconds.
  5. The pairing light on the remote should start flashing. The re-pairing process may take up to 30 seconds to finish — a notification will appear on the screen when it's complete.
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while you were away I replaced the battery’s with different ones and now it is working

Please try using it to switch the channels on your Roku.

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itchanges channels

So the issue was fixed?

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Yes I believe so thanks

Great :)
We are glad that you have resolved your issue using Howly!

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