Updated: May 30, 2023
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Is my Panasonic SA-VK660 is still compatible to this day or is it obsolete

and can I still get connections for it?

Short summary:

  1. Determine the cords and antenna needed: Confirm if you require cords to connect your Android phone and if you need an antenna for the radio function of your Panasonic SA-VK660 stereo.
  2. Check for an existing antenna: Verify if your Panasonic SA-VK660 stereo had an antenna before. If it did, proceed to the next step. If not, you may not need an additional antenna.
  3. Check for a 3.5mm jack input: Look for a 3.5mm jack input on your Panasonic SA-VK660 stereo.
  4. Purchase a 3.5mm Out+Out cable: If you have the 3.5mm jack input and need to connect your Android phone, buy a 3.5mm Out+Out cable. You can find it on Amazon.com or any other suitable online store.
  5. Connect your devices: Once you have the cable, connect one end to the 3.5mm jack on your phone and the other end to the 3.5mm jack input on your Panasonic SA-VK660 stereo.

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It just that I have just moved to a flat here in nz.

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The question I was asking for was about a Panasonic SA-VK660 which I've had for a quite a few years now is that just got out my stereo and I'm not sure if it can still useful to me to use and that wondering is can i still get cords for it?


Also can I get a aerial for it All I can do is play cds on it at the moment and nothing else unless I know if I can get to plug my phone into it

Tell me please about what antenna and cords you are talking about.

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You mean this one had antenna before?

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And something for me to plug my android phone cord into my stereo.

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Check please my message above.

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Yes it had more like aerial One that you can put up on a wall to get reception for a radio station

Tell me please, do you have a 3,5 jack in your phone?

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I do have an input for a jack on my phone but need to connect it or plug it into my stereo.

Just to be sure, have a look please if you have a 3,5 mm hack Input in Panasonic. It should be there.

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Yes and if I remember I put it into my music port.

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Do you have 3,5 mm Out+Out cable ?

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Not on me but that is one of those things I don't have right now if that's what? I think you are saying. As I used to have one

To get that cable, please open this page: amazon.com You can buy it on this Amazon page. Will it be okay for you?

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Yes I am and I did buy that jack on Amazon that's why I was inactive.

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this stereo is a letdown, better off buying a new one.
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Hey, i had the same prob with my panasonic sa-vk660! got cords on amazon
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hmm, never thought about connecting my phone to the stereo. interesting.

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