Updated: March 18, 2023
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In my word I can not enlarge the letter size beecause the enlarge function is inactive (button is gray)

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
I see, are you able to edit the document at all?

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Okay, are you able to see the current size of the font size?

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Got it, are you able to select the text that you want to change?

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Yes, it works normally

Great, try to select the text that you want to change, then click the Format tab under Text Box Tools, and then type or select a point size in the Font Size list Button, for example, select 20.

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I want only to read my document.

Could you clarify a bit, please?

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I could read my document witten with letter size 11 till now normally and now I can not read it because the enlarge button is gray that means it is inactive.

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Are you talking about the "Page layout" option?
Also, could you please tell me what version of Word do you use, sir?

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I don't know "Paga layout" option. I emphasize up to now everything was Ok.
Microsoft Office home version
The only problem I can not read my document neither write a new document because the font size is very small
I can not enlarge font size

You should have an option to set the font to a bigger size, on the Home tab, click the font size in the Font Size box and enter the size, around 20.

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Where can I find home tab?

It should be located at the top of your Word document, sir. Here's what it looks like, just to give you a visual:


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A minute please

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It seems it works

Great work! Are you able to edit it and view the text in a larger size now?

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But the process is not normal.

Some newer version of Word might get updated and that is why the previous method might not be available now.

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How can I update the software?

What I meant is some of the features that were available in the older versions might change with the automatic update, sir. It seems like that's what happened to your Word program, as well.
Also, as a note, when you select text, a mini toolbar will appear near your cursor. You can also change the text size in this toolbar.


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If I print with font 11 the printed pag will be normal.
Which one is the mini toolbar?

Were you able to change the font size from 11 to a bigger one?
You'll see a mini toolbar with various editing options once you select some portion of the text, sir.

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Thank you your help!

It's a pleasure, sir! Was the issue resolved?

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I hope so!
An update would help but how can I do it?

You can check if there are any updates available by going to File > Help > Check for Updates.

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Thank, thank. Bye bye

You're welcome!
Thank you for choosing our service!
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Have a nice one!

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