Updated: March 26, 2023
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I still cannot get on Facebook on my laptop without changing my password when I close the application and do not have it saved and open

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Do you have access to your Facebook account now?


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When I sign out of Facebook on my laptop, and go back to it, I am not recognized and have to put in my password. When I do that, it is not recognized. I can hit the "I forgot my password" bar but and enter my phone number or email, but then it wants me to change my password...

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on my iPhone but not my macbook...it does not recognize my password...the one I changed to not long ago and one my phone recognizes

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Does it fill out the password file automatically every time when you log in to your Facebook account or do you type it manually?

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It is remembered.....also, when I question it I see a profile photo that I do not recognize and I say it is not me....then I have to change my password again...the profile I see is the same one each, but not mine....
I realize that there are a lot of ***** and *****....my son is ***** and has facebook also but it is not him that I am taken to.

It looks like your Chrome browser saved your old password and every time you are trying to log in to your account it doesn't let you in since the password is not correct.

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I look on my chrome and find the password and deleted the old one but it does not help
All of my settings are saved on Chrome or I would use Safari instead on Facebook

*****, do you remember the most recent Facebook password that works?

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Yes but I tried it on Safari and it said that it was incorrect....I had it saved in my notes so I know it is correct...

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Could you please open incognito mode in your Chrome browser and try to log in with this password?

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which password? the one I had saved?

The newest one you logged in to your Facebook account last time.

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I entered the new one that also shows on my saved passwords in Chrome and it tells me that it is incorrect

*****, do you see a circle with a "J" letter at the top right corner of your screen in your Chrome browser?

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I see a circle with my face in it.
Which is my google account

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Yes, that's the one. Could you please click on it?

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There should be a key icon then, please click on it.

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I have done that to check on the password many times...

Please navigate to your Facebook password and click on the three dots at the right corner of the Facebook password.
Then please click "remove"

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I removed it because it was wrong and changed it to the one I remember and it did not work.

You need to completely remove it but not change it. Once it's done, you will need to reset your Facebook password one last time and when you get a new password, finally save it in your browser. It should fix your issue.

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I am going to try that....

What stage are you at?

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yes.....I did what you suggested and it worked...thank you so much...

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