Updated: March 16, 2023
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I just got a Roku Voice Remote Pro and I got it paired with my Samsung TV and it turns it on and off ok but it doesn't raise or lower the sound volume

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I just got a Roku Voice Remote Pro remote control and paired it with my Samsung TV. It turns it on and off ok but doesn't control the sound volume.


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here is my TV stats

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Thank you for the picture.
With manufacturers producing various models, most TV brands have a number of remote codes. During the remote setup, your Roku device will attempt to narrow this list of possible codes on your specific TV brand and program your voice remote to the correct code.
It is possible that the code programmed into your voice remote when you heard the music stop only contains commands to control either power or volume, but not both. Using a different code for the TV brand may work to control both power and volume.

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OK, I will try that.

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Try this instruction:
When you first hear the music stop and are asked “Did the music stop playing?”, do not answer the
Instead, turn the volume back up with your TV remote until the music is audible again.
Now, answer the question with No and your Roku device will move on to try the next remote code.
The next time you hear the music stop, answer the question with Yes and your voice remote will be programmed with the new code.
In rare cases, you may need to repeat this process, answering No to multiple codes before you find a code that controls both power and volume.

That got it! Thanks so much.

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No, all set. Thanks again.

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