Updated: March 11, 2023
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I cannot turn off subtitles, the buttons on the controllers do not work

There is a "home cinema" system connected

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!
Can you please specify both the brand and the model of your TV?

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Panasonic 42"3DLCD


Thank you for the clarification!
Do you mean that the buttons on the remote don't work to turn off the subtitles?

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Cannot turn off subtitles - buttons on hand held controllers do not work - new batteries fitted

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Thank you so much for the details!
Could you please also specify the brand of your controller?

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BT also Panasonic

Thank you!
In this case, I recommend you, try a remote reset by removing the batteries and pressing every button on the remote twice.
Then re-insert the batteries.
And please let me know the result.

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Thank you - will try - I guess its the BT remote

Of course.
Please take your time!
And keep me updated to make clear what must be done.

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didn't work - shall I re try?

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Please ensure that no object, such as a center speaker or sound bar, is blocking the bottom front of the TV.

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no - its clear - all other buttons work - its only the AD that is the problem - The symbols on the tv screen light up and change but the sub titles remain

Thank you so much for the details!
Could you please follow the instructions I am going to send you?

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will do

First, please turn on your TV and find the settings menu. Choose:” General,” then select “Accessibility Menu.”
Next, select “Caption Settings.” You will have the option to turn them off or on. Turn it off if the subtitles are on.
Keep me posted, thanks!
Let me know how everything goes.

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The options under "settings" are only the following:- Payment pin; broadband speed checker; Screensaver preference; Autoplay trailer; System Info' and Reset BT player data - I've opened each one but cannot find "Accessability Menu"

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What App do you use to watch TV, or just menu of your TV?

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Do not use an app - just TV menu

Got you
You just watch cable channels, right?

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Normal TV chanels plus "freeview"

Do you see subtitles on channels too?

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Most of them but not all

Try this please to turn off subtitles:

  1. While watching the Tv press the MENU button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to the icon that says "CC". Then click on select.
  3. In CC Menu Settings, navigate to "MODE" and change it off. CC modes will disappear from the television screen.
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trying to find amenu via the BT controller - only find menu on the panasonic controller but no icons - this tv is quite old - is that the problem?

Do you see circle button in the middle of your controller?

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That is the OK button? No other button is obviously "circle" - should I buy a new controller and start again?

I think you should buy a new controller now, let's try to fix it
Press OK while watching TV
Do you see "CC" icon?

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No it is asking for my payment pin - good grief !!! Havn't used that for years - i shall try and locate ii

Got you
Maybe you have a controller like that?


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It may well be - I wouldn't know! Do you think that if i purchased a modern controller from BT that it would work?

I don't think that the problem is in your controller. his buttons work, right?

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They all work except for the sub title on/off whch recognises its been operated but does no change the on screen result

Got you
Did you find Menu button on controller?

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Inexplicitly the problem has suddenly righted itself, I can only assume that one of your suggestions has had a delayed action effect. Whichever it was Thank you andt hank you for your patience in dealing with an ancient subscriber.

Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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No thank you but I shall know who to ask for if i need expert advice in the future

Thank you for choosing our service!
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Have a nice one!

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