Updated: April 03, 2023
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How do i unlock my iphone 13

Itd locked me out for 15 minutes now and is only taking voice commands but wont allow me to entter my passcose

Hello, thank you for using Howly. I’ll be happy to help you out! May I ask your name?

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Nice to meet you, *****!

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Nice to meet you to!

Do you mean that you passed 15 minutes restriction, but it still won't allow you to enter the code?

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Yes because i accidentally turned on a setting that im not sure how to get out of its only allowing a voice cimmand and everytime i press the button it brings a square that goes on when i press and only the voice over

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Do you mean that you turned on the voice control after you got the restriction?

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No i was holding my phone whilst i was attending to something else so when i tried to log on it turned out that i had activated this setting . It normally shows up with something like zoom in zoom out in a squire box... something like that

*****, have you tried to ask Siri to turn off the Voice Over?

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Yes there appears a circle with 2 lines and the voice over saying passcode required and commands me to double tape and apply the passcode. Now im locked again for 15 mins. Siri is not responding to my request. Can this day go any worse?

Please try to bring up Siri by saying "Hey Siri", when you hear the feedback, say "turn off voice over". You should hear the feedback that it is turned off

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ok will try it again, siri s voive currently saying iphone unavailable


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Do you see the message about iPhone being unavailable? Or do you see the timer?

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Yes its displayed in bold letters

So you do not see the timer right? Like 15 minutes left

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on the bottom left it says Emergency and on the right ir says Erase iphone
9 more minutes to go!

Okay, let's wait for 9 minutes then. Please let me know once the timer will over and your iPhone will be unlocked

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so this box, on the screen it moves and when it goes on where the time is it says the time is with the voice over like but wont allow me to manually enter my passcode

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Do you know the exact passcode? Please note that after a few wrong attempts, your iPhone can be blocked permanently and you will need to reset it that will wipe all the data

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i know my password, will try again shortly in 4mins

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Now im paranoid

  • In order to bring up the passcode menu, you need to put your finger on the line at the bottom, swipe up and hold the finger until you feel the vibration, then you can release it.
  • When you will get the passcode menu. In order to enter the passcode, you need to first click on the number to highlight it, and then double-tap on it in order to enter the number.
  • So if your passcode is "1234", you need to click on 1, then double-tap on it, then click on 2, double-tap on it, click on 3 then double-tap on it, click on 4, and double-tap on it.
  • Every time you click the number, you will hear the voice saying what number is highlighted
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Inform me about the result

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I have done this several times exactly like you are saying now im locked out again. it now saying security lockout. Thanks for the help.

*****, that is the general guidance on how to enter the passcode with Voice Over enabled. If you got the lockout message again it means that you enter the wrong passcode
You should hear what numbers you enter. Make sure that you enter the right passcode

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Ok i will try it carefully. In the case its incorrect what do i do then?

Unfortunately, there aren't many options. You need to enter the right passcode. When you enter the passcode you should hear the number that is chosen when you click once, and you see that the circle is filling out when you double tap on the number, which means that you entered the highlighted number. So please pay attention to every symbol

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Aww great.Thank you, im smiling now

Have you managed to unlock your iPhone?

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Yes thanks its all sorted!

Great job, *****!
Do you maybe have any other questions or issues I could help you with?

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No thats all that all for today . Goodnight!

I am so pleased to see your issue got resolved!

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