Updated: March 18, 2023
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How do I set the number of rings?

My phone only rings once thne drops the lin

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In order to help you, I need your assistance here please, could you tell me more about the issue?

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calls ony ring once then are dropped

I see, what phone is that?

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Where do I find trh model #?

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I need to understand is it a landline or a mobile one?

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Land line with cell / land option and four handsets

Okay, is it Panasonic?

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  1. Yes
    Found Model #KX-1GD560

Thank you for that.
Possible cause and solutions:

  • The call was blocked. Check to see if the caller is in the telephones Blocked call list.
  • Voicemail has picked up.
  • The caller hung up after one ring.
  • Another answering device in home picked up.
  • Ring Trip has occurred. Ring trip is caused by an installation issue with your phone line. Confirm that you can make outgoing calls. Then contact your telephone company and inform them that you are able to make outbound calls, but unable to receive incoming calls.
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This issue just started and we do have voice mail on ou landline

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You can reset the Panasonic landline phone:
Press the Menu soft key at the bottom of the screen.
Select System Settings from the menu.
Enter #136 on the keypad.
Select Yes when asked if you are sure you want to factory reset the phone. The phone will be reset successfully after startup.

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I called th e land line from my cell and all systems worked

Did you try to reset it?

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OK but I will not do the reset action until the problem i reoccurs.

You can do it, and it may solve the issue.

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Thanks can i print this screen?

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Yes, you can.
You will also get a transcript of this chat to your mailbox.

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Great thanks

You're welcome!
Is there anything else I can do for you today?

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