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Having a problem with the shows narrative back

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Could you please tell me what service/company you are referring to?

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Please give me a few minutes to check the information.

  1. Open the Peacock app on TV device ·
  2. Select the show episode or movie with audio description ·
  3. Select Audio & Subtitle option from player menu
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Off that's what the subtitles English is the

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So was it off?

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The subtitles yes but it's voice narrative
Right now iys just scrolling

Ok. Let`s try another way, *****

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All you have to do is head over to the Chrome browser or whatever browser you choose. After opening your browser of choice, type peacock.com.
After going to peacock.com and opening your show, move your mouse wheel to the bottom left corner of your screen. You must click on the yellow hearing box at the bottom.
To turn off the peacock narrator, click on “none,” and to turn it on, click on the language in which you want the audio description to appear on your screen.
Most of the time, it’s English, but if you see they offer a description in another language of your choice, you click on the language of choice. For example, French. Peacock TV will start narrating your audio in French immediately.

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Doesn't give me that option

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What do you see?

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If you want to turn the audio narrator on peacock tv but you are on your phone, the procedure is pretty much the same. The process you will learn in this section works whether you are on an iPhone or an android.

  • First, you must be watching a movie or show to be able to turn on or off Peacock’s audio narrator. Once your movie is loaded and playing, click anywhere on your phone’s screen.
  • You will see the speech bubble on the top right corner of your screen. Now click on it. To turn off the audio narrator, you need to click on none.
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Give me a sec

Sure, take your time, *****

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Ok got it and it says English

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To turn off the audio narrator, you need to click on none.

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Still don't do nothing

Can you Update Peacock App?

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I've taking the app off and downloading it again still doing it

Ok. Let me know the result, *****

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I did that b4 getting on the phone

Oh, Ok, got it

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It's working now

Awesome, ***** :)

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