VoLTE network on the phone

Updated: February 25, 2023
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VoLTE network on the phone
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Since recently, even within the fourth wave range of service it is only possible to make calls in the following pattern: the VoLTE compatible phones  are toggled from four to three G, the packet data transmission stops until the end of the call, and then resumes. Now, thanks to the new technological advancements VoLTE capable phones stay on the network, the connection is not interrupted, and the call goes directly through the four G.

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Designation and functions of VoLTE technology

Fragmentation is a technology for voice transmission on the LTE or 4g VoLTE. For voice calls using an LTE or quad-G mobile network, a network device is used.

Previously, technology was dependent on the Internet. When making a call, the device itself will use three or two G when making the call. When the caller's VoLTE compatible phones started ringing, you could notice a few seconds delay until the call was made.

On two and three G networks, calling and data transfer were separate processes that could not happen at the same time. For example, when making a call on a two G network, any received SMS at the same time were delivered only after the VoLTE phone call ended. With 4g VoLTE, calls and data transmission are simultaneous, which means that text messages are delivered immediately, even during the call.

Worth noting that mobile operators do not allow simultaneous volte-capable home phone calls and use of Internet services, as it leads to increased load on the web and reduced the quality of communication by several times. With fragmentation and modern VoLTE standards, communication takes place in seconds.

VoLTE network on the phone

How to configure the VoLTE network function

If you have an Android phone:

  1. You need to go to the Settings.
  2. Choose Cards and cellular mobile networks and find the appropriate switch. The location of the item depends on the model of the smartphones, and the exact instructions should be sought specifically for your version of the operating system. Note that the item disappears if the mobile operator does not support VoLTE technology or the LTE network is turned off.

If you have an iPhone:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Then tap Mobile NetworkMedia OptionsTurn on LTE.
  3. Then select LTE, network On. If you want to disable network, you need to select four G. If network appears in the status bar, it means that the function is successfully activated. It is worth noting that no icon appears on iOS, so you can only check for network activation by the LTE icon, which does not change to three G while you are making a call.

Advantages of using VoLTE

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The use of this technology provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the load on the network. However, what does the average subscriber get from this setting?

If it is an ordinary VoLTE phone call, there is no possibility to use the Internet four G, because the device switches to the GSM network or three G when there is a call. In some cases, the mobile internet is turned off altogether. The VoLTE function allows you to talk on the phone and simultaneously use the Internet at high speed.

A couple of seconds is enough to switch a regular phone from mobile Internet to the GSM network. It is exactly two seconds that you have to wait before calling the connection happens. A smartphone with this feature will not allow such a delay.

People using this function hear better and more clearly than when making an ordinary call. And even in the case where the interlocutor's device is not VoLTE supported 4g mobile. There are no delays and interruptions in the conversation, as it happens with voice calls through regular networks.

Also, there is no consumption of gigabytes from the Internet package. The operators count it as a regular phone call.

How it differs from Wi-Fi

Technological system allow you to make voice calls over the Internet. In addition, both technologies use your VoLTE phone app to make calls, which means they don't require third-party applications to be installed. The main difference between the two is that talking wirelessly requires a network connection over the Internet, otherwise network technology uses your carrier's data connection. If Wi-Fi and network are turned on at the same time, your phone will automatically determine the best option for making calls with the best possible quality.

How to figure out if your device has it or not?

You can check if your phone supports a 4g VoLTE network using your phone settings:

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Go to the Network section. This step may vary from phone to phone.
VoLTE network on the phone
  • Inside the mobile network, find the Network Type or the preferred network section.
VoLTE network on the phone
  • You will now be able to see the network settings. Four, three, and two G. If you see it, then the technology is supported.
VoLTE network on the phone

You can also easily check the specifications to see if your phone model supports the network or not.
Basically, this feature is present in new VoLTE phones of the coming years and only famous brands. On older phones, alas, you will not find this feature at all. Just go and look in your settings or if you want to buy a phone with this feature or ask a consultant about it.

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