What to do if your iPhone shuts down in the cold?

Updated: February 28, 2023
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What to do if your iPhone shuts down in the cold?
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If the iPhone turns off in the cold, it brings much inconvenience. However, you can avoid the situation by following certain steps. If with the onset of cold weather iPhone starts losing charge quickly and stops turning on, you can solve the problem yourself or turn to professionals.

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Why doesn't the gadget work?

Every iPhone has a battery that is vulnerable to sub-zero temperatures. The disadvantage includes the temperature range (the battery stops holding a charge when it cools down). For example, the battery loses its charge when you start looking at missed notifications in the cold. It's better to wait for some time and check the information when you're in a warm place.

Suppose the device does not work properly in sub-zero temperatures when the battery capacity is incomplete and the device shuts down. In that case, it most often manifests itself in the following ways:

  • iPhone displays erroneous charge level;
  • The touchscreen doesn't work at all;
  • With the onset of cold weather, the battery malfunctions and runs down;
  • iPhone completely shuts down and performs a reboot.

Apple states that the temperature of 0 degrees is normal for iPhone, so the device should function properly. But in low winter temperatures, the batteries of Apple devices may die instantly or shut down intermittently.

The manufacturer of Apple devices does not prohibit using the device outdoors in low temperatures. But you should remember that it can stop turning on, and battery life can also shrink. The hardware manufacturer says that the phone battery stops dying when the temperature returns to normal.

The more charge your iPhone has, the longer it will work in the cold and won't lose power. Ideally, the phone should be charged to 100% before each time you go outdoors so that even if the battery is discharged due to frost, the battery still has resources left.

How can I restore my smartphone after staying outside?

Smartphone recovery after being outdoors

Do not leave your phone in the cold outside, so it does not stop working. It is always better to put your smartphone in a warm place, such as a pocket, so it does not turn off. Do not keep the device in the cold for more than 10 minutes, and if the battery capacity is incomplete, warm the phone gradually - temperature drops may cause condensation.

The temperature drop is very dangerous for the battery and may cause its deformation. If the phone begins to run out of power during a cold period and there is a shutdown of the smartphone, do not charge it immediately after cooling. Otherwise, the device may crack or catch fire. The weak point of smartphones is the display, which reacts poorly to sub-zero temperatures. The matrix can deteriorate from frost.

It is almost impossible to avoid the situation when the battery begins to run out in the cold, and the phone starts losing network, but several ways can help in this situation:

  • Additionally, wear a thick case on the smartphone so that it does not stop working.
  • Have a portable charger with you, and if the charge is low, you can quickly remedy the situation.

The iPhone could turn off during the call. If that's your case, a modern headset could be helpful. It allows you to receive calls without taking your smartphone out of your pocket, which will freeze and drain quickly.

You need to warm the device if the iPhone shuts down in the cold and discharges very quickly because it can not withstand low temperatures. In this case, do not put the device on a hot battery. It's better to wrap the device in a woolen cloth. After that, press Hard Reset. The phone should eventually work.

It's usual for an iPhone to quickly run out of power and turn off in freezing temperatures. If it happens to your device, take it quickly to the warmth and warm it up. Since the charging sensor in smartphones fluctuates at different temperatures, its operation may be different when the battery capacity decreases. Therefore, the smartphone sometimes shuts down even at 25% of the charge.

When is it worth turning to qualified repairers?

If your smartphone of any model periodically shuts down, runs out of power, and the screen goes out even in a little frost, it's better to contact a specialist. Howly's experienced craftsmen will promptly consult you on how to repair your phone battery and ensure its flawless functioning. Before providing you with details steps you should take, professionals make a diagnosis to be sure of the real cause of the breakdown.

If there is a problem with the iPhone because of the cold or for any other reason and constantly low charge, please get in touch with the specialists of online help registered on Howly.

To order the help of a qualified expert, just send us a chat message. If your iPhone constantly shuts down in the cold, online support specialists can quickly fix the problem.

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