iPhone does not record sound on a video

Updated: February 28, 2023
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iPhone does not record sound on a video
by Anna Chernetska
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If your iPhone doesn't record sound for video, the probable cause is a software failure. To solve the problem in this case, it is enough to reset and reboot the device.

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If this didn't help and your iPhone still records video without sound, try to fix the problem in other ways. To do this, you need to know the main reasons why videos are recorded and played back in low quality.

The main causes of bad sound during video recording

Causes of poor sound when recording video on iPhone

If you are recording a video with no sound on your iPhone, there may be several reasons for poor recording quality. First of all, make sure that you are using a high-quality video recording program. The manufacturer recommends using the standard built-in iPhone video recording application because third-party programs may conflict with the microphone and, therefore, can record videos without sound.

Equally common causes of poor sound when shooting videos on the iPhone are the following:

  • Software failure - can be resolved by restoring a backup or factory reset.
  • Protective film on the phone cover - if your smartphone is new, all its surfaces are laminated with a film that absorbs sound.
  • Clogged microphone membrane - to restore the sound quality, you need to clean the mesh, make a video recording, and if the sound of the video is still quiet or hissing, look for other possible reasons.
  • Kinked plume - if there is a problem with the plume, the phone can not record sound, so you need to replace the faulty part.
  • Oxidation of contacts - if the sound of the video is not clear or there is no sound, if you hear noise or hissing during playback, you need to clean the contacts and connect them to the motherboard carefully.

If the iPhone video files play without sound or the speaker is noisy when shooting video, the cause may be mechanical damage to the front camera. In this case, you better not try repairing the iPhone yourself, as it can lead to more serious damage. It is better to avoid the risk and ask for help from experienced professionals registered on Howly.

Why do you need to order the repair of your Apple smartphone?

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