Oval mesh covers the home network

Why is there an oval mesh covering the home network?

Updated: October 14, 2022

An oval mesh is a kind of mesh network, usually wireless. It is a type of LAN topology in which devices are connected without a hierarchy to provide a large area of coverage. Such a network comprises a wireless router and several computers or other devices connected without cables. 

Each device connected to this type of network has a separate data channel, which does not decrease the data transfer rate. This type of network is great for large homes because, with the help of additional routers, it covers the space of the whole house. 

So the answer to the question: “Why is there an oval mesh covering the home network? can be formulated as follows: the mesh network covers the home network due to the non-hierarchical system and the fact that each access point operates independently of the other. Therefore, when using several routers, we provide wireless coverage of the local network over the entire necessary territory.

Using multiple routers

In simple words, a mesh network is a network of a router and several signal repeaters that form one wireless network over a large area without a wired connection.

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