“What type of network must a home user access in order to do online shopping?” – Howly knows the answer!

Updated: October 7, 2022

The answer to this question is quite simple: you just need an Internet connection of any kind. To do online shopping at home using a laptop, you need an Internet connection, or you can also do online shopping in any other place where there is Wi-Fi or use mobile Internet 4 or 5G.

Let’s take a look at a few types of networks you may have encountered:

  • A private network is the smallest network that can be created using a Bluetooth ace. Such a network is usually formed by smartphones and wireless headphones. This network does not have access to the Internet.
  • A local network is a simple network that consists of a couple of devices such as a computer, printer, camcorder, smartphone, or any other device. The local network does not have to have access to the Internet. Such a network can be in your home or office. The local network can be wired or wireless (via Wi-Fi). But if it is not connected to the global Internet, then shopping online will not work.
  • The global network is a massive network that connects millions of devices. It essentially forms the Internet. This is the network you need to connect to in order to make purchases online. You can connect to such a network through a router already forming a local network in your home or office. Also, using a smartphone and mobile Internet, you are connected to the global network, which will allow you to do online shopping.

During the exam, you are faced with the following question: “What type of network must a home user access in order to do online shopping?”

The test for this question offers 4 answers with 1 correct. The correct answer is “the Internet”.

Question on the exam

Let’s see why this answer is correct:

  • A local area network is a typical home or office network that includes a couple of devices in the same building. This network may not be connected to the Internet, so you won’t be able to shop online or even access your email.
  • An intranet has a large number of devices and its own servers. Networks of this type are used for the corporate network and also use the Internet but through an encrypted VPN. Such a network is closed, and it is impossible to access the Internet from the device for online shopping.
  • An extranet is an advanced and more complex network such as an intranet. This is a closed, secure corporate network that consists of many devices and servers. Each device with its own security authentication. Using this network will not allow you to shop online.
  • The Internet is a network formed from other networks which connect a lot of devices around the world. This type of network is open to everyone. Therefore, it is with the help of this network that you can go to any website for online shopping.


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