“I was charged for Roku for CBS Interactive. Wondering what this is”: how to fix such trouble

Updated: February 14, 2023
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“I was charged for Roku for CBS Interactive. Wondering what this is”: how to fix such trouble
by Vitalii Yovko
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Roku is a streaming service that lets you watch movies and shows from your device. This service offers its users a large amount of free content and channels. However, there is also paid content on Roku. CBS digital streaming service belongs to this category. So if you see you were charged for CBS Interactive, it means you just paid for access to this service on Roku.

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Main reasons why you could be charged by Roku

Roku only charges you if you have a paid subscription. Sometimes Roku let you watch paid content for free, but after the free period, you will be charged per view. CBS produces many popular TV shows, so you could subscribe to watch one of them – and that’s the reason you were charged for this service later.

Top Reasons Roku May Charge You

So if you see a charge from Roku for CBS Interactive, go to your Roku account and check:

  • Do you have a CBS interactive membership?
  • Do you have a second account with a subscription?

How to cancel your Roku subscription to CBS Interactive

In case you have a subscription that you want to cancel, try such a method.

You can do this with your Roku account.

On your Roku device, open settings, go to My Account, and select Subscriptions. Then, find CBS Interactive and cancel it.

If you want to subscribe again later, you can also do this through your Roki settings.


Why is Roku charging me for CBS Interactive?

If this happens, you are subscribed to paid content from CBS Interactive. Log into your Roku account and check your subscriptions.

How did I sign up for CBS Interactive?

Sometimes streaming services allow you to watch their content for free but charge you once the free trial period has expired. Perhaps you watched some content from CBS and forgot to unsubscribe.

How do you know what Roku is charging money for?

Go to your profile and subscriptions. There you will find information about paid content and paid channels.

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