How to Get Water Out of My Phone? Quick Answer for You!

Updated: March 03, 2023
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How to Get Water Out of My Phone? Quick Answer for You!
by Oleksandr Kamennyi
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You probably already know that the chances of removing water from your phone are much greater if you get your phone out of the water as fast as you can.

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Just one drop that gets into your phone can cause a short circuit which will undermine the entire rescue operation. Does this mean that the only thing you can do is go to a service center? Not exactly. There are some tips you can try to save your favorite smartphone by yourself.

But we warn you right away: the successful rescue of a phone that has fallen into the water depends almost as much on luck as on your immediate actions.

One more warning! Do not try to turn on the phone immediately if it has been turned off. Do not press any buttons at all! Thus, you will increase the chance of breaking your phone by 10+ times.

Useful tip for you: If your smartphone has fallen into saltwater, rinse it in freshwater beforehand. Consider rinsing a phone with distilled water. It is good for cleaning the internal components of excess salts and other harmful impurities. But keep in mind that you can only do this if you are able to disconnect the battery from the phone and remove the screen. If not - don’t waste your time and take your smartphone to the service center.

So what to do to get water out of your phone? Let’s find out!

Prepare your phone to be dried out

To get water out of the phone, you first need to do follow three simple steps that will make your work easier :

Step 1: Take off the case and other accessories

Remove all the accessories that may interfere with the process of removing water from the phone: whether it is a phone case, phone bumper, popsocket, headphones, or portable wallet - they all have to go.

Step 2: Turn off your phone

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The next thing you should do is turn off your smartphone.

How to turn off an iPhone:

If you have an iPhone 10 and above, press and hold the volume button and the side button until the “Power off” slider appears. Move the slider, and then wait 30 seconds for the device to turn off.

In case you have an older model with the “Home” button, you just need to press and hold the side button for the Power Off slider to appear.

How to turn off an Android device:

Press down the power button and hold it until the device turns off.


Press down the power button and the volume up key until it turns off.


Press down the power button and both volume keys, holding them for 10 seconds or longer before turning them off.

Step 3: Pull out the SIM card and/or battery

The next step is to remove the SIM card and battery if possible.
On most smartphones, the SIM card opening is located on the side or top of the device, depending on the model. The process of removing the SIM card in both cases is the same - insert a paper clip or a special key into the hole responsible for holding the tray.

Pull out the SIM card and/or battery

It’s impossible to remove the battery on most modern Apple and Android devices, so the only thing you can do is to get a SIM card out.

However, on old Android smartphones, the battery is removable. So you also need to open the battery cover and take it off. In most cases, the battery compartment can be opened by gently prying the device's back cover with your fingers.

Hack for owners of old Android smartphones: Don’t insert a battery for at least a day, but rather wait until you are sure that the insides are in order and water is out of the phone.

Dry out a wet phone

First of all, dry your phone with paper towels or a soft cloth. You do not need to wipe the gadget with a fabric that has a fleecy surface, as there is a risk that it will clog small gaps in the phone case and prevent the water from evaporating.  By drying the phone properly, you completely power down the device and reduce the probability of short-circuit occurrence to zero.

Also, do not shake your smartphone. It needs to be given maximum immobility.

Find more methods to dry out your smartphone quickly and easily below.

Method 1: Suck out moisture with a vacuum cleaner

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Be careful: Using this tip is not always safe for your device, so in case you feel unsure or think that using a vacuum cleaner can make the situation worse, we recommend skipping this step and trying other methods or bringing the phone to a service center.

 Suck out moisture with a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner sucks air, so the liquid will also evaporate well from the phone. In order not to damage the parts, it is better to use a narrow nozzle and gradually bring it to all the holes of the device to help water get water out of the phone.

At the same time, the vacuum cleaner tube does not need to be brought closer than 4 inches to the device. With this method, you can dry the gadget out for about 20 minutes (of course, the phone should not be very wet – otherwise, you will simply burn the vacuum cleaner).

You need to direct the airflow into each hole and blow for at least 5 minutes. After the procedure, you must put the smartphone in a dry place.

Another way is to dry your gadget with a hairdryer, but only in the cold air mode. It is required to keep the hairdryer from the phone at a 4-5 inches distance. You shouldn’t blow hot air because it can melt fragile details.

Method 2: Use a desiccant packet (Silica gel)

Use a desiccant packet (Silica gel)

Silica gel, contained in desiccant packets, is a substance that perfectly absorbs moisture. It is usually placed in shoeboxes. Also, it’s sold in the form of tablets.

If you want to save your gadget from water, that is exactly what you need. Place your phone in silica gel for 12 hours - during this time, it should draw out all the water. It is important for the substance to completely cover the phone. And from time to time, the gadget needs to be turned over.

Method 3: Rice lifehack.Does putting a phone in rice work? And how long should you leave your phone in rice?

This method is the most popular way to get water out of your phone, according to many online platforms. To try it, you need to fill a container with rice, then put the wet phone in it, and make sure grains completely cover it.

So, how long should you leave your phone in rice? Usually, it’s recommended to leave the phone for 15-20 hours. However, many online platform users say it's better to check the phone every 6 hours, and if the damage is severe, leave it for at least 2 more days.

They also add that the best moisture absorber is ordinary rice that has not been steamed and recommends covering the bowl with a lid that does not allow air to pass through.

An equivalent popular method is cat litter. It also absorbs moisture well.

But does putting a phone in rice work?

Rice lifehack

We are rather skeptical about this method. The thing is, rice absorbs liquid by direct contact. As the water got inside the smartphone, it can’t by any chance be absorbed into the grains. However, a rice lifehack can help you dry out the battery if it is taken out of the phone.

Luckily, we collected some other methods to remove water from the phone screen without rice.

Method 4: Try compressed air

Try compressed air

Note: This method may not allow you to remove water from the phone completely, but it can speed up the drying process.

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An excellent option would be a can with compressed air inside. Such a thing is usually used to clean hard-to-reach places, such as computer motherboards and laptops, from dust, but it is also suitable for removing water from mobile phones.

Pass the air through all possible openings of the gadget - a charging connector, a speaker, and a microphone. Particular attention should be given to the charger port, as it is the closest compartment to the battery.

Method 5: Use a vacuum bag

Use a vacuum bag

What happens when you take a bottle and suck out all the air inside? You absorb the liquid in it and reduce its capacity. Well, something similar is happening when you try to remove water from your mobile phone using a vacuum bag – the liquid quickly comes out. This method can be a perfect solution for you: just put your phone in a vacuum bag so it can suck all the air out.


How much time do I have to save my phone after it gets wet?

You have every chance of saving your phone after moisture ingress if you take the necessary measures right away. If the device was wet for at least a day, the chances of its survival are almost zero. So, there’s a strong likelihood that you will have to change one or more phone components.

Will the phone work after I drown it in coffee?

Sweet liquids are more dangerous for the phone than plain water. Indeed, coffee is quite sticky and can bring a lot of damage to the components of your device. So you’ll have to take your device to the service center immediately.

Can I dry my wet phone with a hair dryer?

No, no, and no. Forget about the hair dryer when it comes to repairing gadgets. Phones are sensitive to high temperatures – add moisture and your device is dead.


Now you know what to do if your smartphone has fallen into the water and how to dry it out. Calmness and prompt steps will help you cope with this issue. However, if you have done everything you could, but the phone still does not work, there is only one way out - go to the service center. Also, you can always contact Howly experts if you have any questions about your smartphone and other devices. We will be happy to clarify any information for you.

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