How to create an Oculus account

Updated: April 13, 2023
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How to create an Oculus account
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Earlier, Meta warned that we would soon need to create a Meta account in order to use Quest VR headsets, and now the day has come. It doesn't even matter if you're a novice or an already existing user; you must create a new Oculus account through the Meta website. Yes, the company leaves you no choice, but it's not that bad. After all, the upgraded structure of a new Meta account has a lot of advantages, offering a number of useful features for more convenient VR device control and app management. What’s more, it’s easy to create and set up an Oculus account, Howly will show you several easy ways to make a new Meta profile on PC, iOS, or Android with and without a Facebook account.

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How to create an Oculus account – key points

The whole process of Oculus account creation takes little time and almost no effort – just a few clicks and you are done. However, novice Quest users may find it a bit tricky. And since we are here to make things clear, we’d like to bring to your attention some key points to know before you create and set up an Oculus account.

  • There are several ways to make an Oculus account: via email, Facebook, Instagram, and by separating a Quest account from a Facebook profile.
  • Whereas previously, you were required to use Facebook for the Oculus account creation, the situation has changed with the launch of Meta profiles in August 2022. Since that time, you are allowed to create an Oculus Quest account without linking it to Facebook.
  • In case you’ve previously made your Quest account via Facebook and now want to keep the purchased apps, you need to create a new Oculus profile using the same Facebook account.
  • If you’ve just purchased a Quest, a Meta account will be created during the process of its setup.
  • If you access your VR device via Facebook, you’ll need to set up a Meta profile to keep using your Quest or Quest 2. Before you begin the process, ensure that your VR device is updated (at least to v43) and that you’re logged into a valid account.
  • You can make several Meta accounts – up to 3 for your VR headset. Keep in mind that each profile requires a separate email address.

How to create Oculus account without Facebook

You can sign up to Meta both via a computer or your mobile phone. The process is completely the same. And if you don't want to register a profile using Facebook, there is a great alternative – create an Oculus account with email. Here's how to do it smoothly:

  • Head to the Meta web page and choose the option to open an account via email.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Type in your email address and hit Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Provide your first and last name and tap Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Choose your birthday and pick Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Come up with a reliable password and pick Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Check all the information you’ve provided and fix mistakes if any -> hit Create an account.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Check your mailbox for a verification code, copy it, and then paste in the proposed field -> hit Continue.
How to create an Oculus account
  • That’s all. Once you make an Oculus account, you can use your credentials to log into the Meta Quest app via your smartphone.

How to make Oculus account with Facebook

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If you’ve used your VR headset via the Facebook account, your Quest profile and all apps you purchased are already linked to that account. If you do not want to lose this all, creating an Oculus account using Facebook is your way to go. Our stepwise instructions will help you:

  • Head to the Meta web page and choose the option to open an account via Facebook.
How to create an Oculus account
  • There’s only one button that suits you – Continue as (and here will be your name). But if you haven’t accessed your account yet, you’ll need to log in.
How to create an Oculus account
  • On the next window, you’ll see a notification that Meta will synchronize all your data from the previous account, including apps. Just hit Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • If your VR device hasn’t received an update from Meta yet, you’ll see a warning. Update the headset before continuing the process of account creation.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Now, the service gives you two options to choose from – set up an Oculus account with Facebook or without it. If you’re willing to open an account without Facebook, hit the corresponding button, and follow provided on-screen instructions. All your downloads and apps will be kept. Keep in mind that you have an opportunity to add and separate your Facebook profile at any time by accessing your Accounts Center.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Read the outlined information about what you’ll get while setting up an account using Facebook, make sure you understand everything, and tap Continue.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Check all the information you’ve provided and fix mistakes if any -> hit Finish account setup.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Hit Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Here comes a time to set up your Horizon profile. To begin with, come up with a username.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Explore the information about changes in the list of your friends and hit Next.
How to create an Oculus account
  • Choose a level of privacy for your new account and tap Review.
  • Review the account settings and adjust them to your convenience. However, you don't have to do it right now. Indeed you can always get back to these options by visiting the Settings menu. Once you’re done, tap Accept and Continue.
  • Add the link to your Facebook profile if you find it necessary (just hit the toggle) and pick Next.
  • Finally, hit the Finish button. Congrats, you’ve done with it!
How to create an Oculus account

How to unlink Oculus account from Facebook

If you had an Oculus Quest before the launch of Meta accounts, your Facebook profile is linked to your apps, downloads, and VR headset. But now, you have an opportunity to separate these two accounts. At the same time, Meta will inherit all your data and games, so you have nothing to worry about. So, here’s how to disconnect an Oculus account from Facebook.

  1. Head to the Account Center web page and log in.
  2. Spot the Account Settings tab and hit Accounts.
  3. Find the account you’d like to disconnect and tap Remove next to it.
  4. Explore what you lose by disconnecting your Oculus account and then pick Continue.
  5. To complete the process, tap Remove (here will be your name)
How to create an Oculus account

How to connect your VR headset after Oculus account setup

Once you make a new Oculus account, you need to connect your VR headset. The process is easily accomplished via the Meta website, and you’ll deal with it quickly using either a computer or mobile phone. You can connect your Quest or Quest 2 immediately after account creation; no efforts are needed.

  1. Put on your VR headset and remember the code.
  2. Head to the Meta device web page, type in your code, and pick Connect your device.
  3. Wait until the device is connected message appears on the screen.
  4. The headset will reboot – wait a couple of minutes. Now you can use it with your newly-registered Meta account.
How to create an Oculus account


Is Oculus Quest already Meta Quest?

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed the renaming of Oculus Quest to Meta Quest. The change occurred when Facebook Inc. switched its name to Meta Platforms in 2021.

How do I make an Oculus account additionally if I already have one for my Quest?

Keep in mind that you can have only three additional Quest accounts. And to add multiple accounts, head to Settings -> open the Experimental features tab -> hit the toggle next to Multiple Accounts. Now, you’ll see a new Accounts option, pick it, tap OK, and choose Add Accounts.

Is it obligatory to use Facebook for Oculus Quest 2 account setup?

No, users are no longer required to use Facebook to either create or set up Oculus accounts. Meta removed this requirement back in 2022. So now you can create an Oculus Quest 2 account and adjust your profile without the need to use Facebook.


Oculus Quest owners are obliged to make Meta accounts to use their VR headsets, but luckily, the process is simple. What’s more, it’s great that you are no longer required to use Facebook to create a new Oculus account, although such an option is still available. Moreover, you can sign up via email, Instagram, and by unlinking your Quest account from a Facebook profile. All the methods presented in this guide work well on multiple devices, so you may use not just a PC but also your phone or tablet to create an Oculus account.

Despite the simplicity of the process, it can hardly be called problem-free. Indeed, VR owners often face multiple types of issues when trying to create and set up a new Meta account. Howly experts have long-term practice in solving such problems and offer twenty-four-hour solutions to save you any trouble. Rest assured, our proficient technicians will help you either way, no matter what VR headset you have or what way of account creation you choose. Leave a chat message and get step-by-step solutions immediately!

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Ronald Mack
May 22, 2023
I'm glad I checked here first. I wouldn't be able to figure it all out on my own.
Sam Baller
May 18, 2023
The switch was simple and quick – I signed up without facebook using my phone.
May 14, 2023
I cannot enter the app using my new Meta login. Any solutions?
May 10, 2023
I was really surprised by all these changes, but it’s not a big deal to switch to Meta.
Kaylee Watkins
May 07, 2023
I’ve just migrated to a Meta acc using Instagram and that’s easy too.
Laila Peters
May 03, 2023
Great info, thanks for explaining the steps.
April 30, 2023
I don't see any problem in creating and using a Meta account – it's pretty much similar to the former Oculus account we all had.
Jim Bass
April 26, 2023
Couldn't connect my headset because the app refused to show any instructions. Maybe it was some kind of glitch. But your guide helped me a lot!
Haris Walter
April 22, 2023
Is it true that I need to reset my Quest 2 to switch admin accounts?
Katerina Rush
April 19, 2023
Creating an account via email took me no more than a couple of minutes. Really easy.
April 13, 2023
I was terribly afraid of losing my games, so I logged into the Meta via Facebook.
April 10, 2023
I created an account using Facebook. It's more than convenient for me.
April 06, 2023
It seemed rather complicated, but the guidelines shed some light. Thank you.
Miriam Black
April 02, 2023
Will I lose access to Quest Store if I sign up without Facebook?
Mike Kimpel
March 29, 2023
I had a problem – linked my Oculus account with the wrong Facebook profile (never ask how, that’s a long story). Howly helped me to unmerge it!

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