How to cancel GoodLife membership

How to cancel GoodLife membership

Updated: March 4, 2023

GoodLife is stated to be the largest health club organization in Canada, offering more than 450 fitness facilities over the country. Adherents of a healthy lifestyle do visit the gyms and purchase monthly or yearly memberships to access all the services provided by the company. Indeed, personal training, virtual workouts, various nutritional plans, swimming pools, saunas, and lucrative discounts may be great. But many people still keep wondering how to cancel my GoodLife Fitness membership. Some move to another place and don’t have a gym nearby, while others find the prices overwhelming. The reasons may also be individual, including dissatisfaction with the company’s services and workout programs or a simple desire to switch gyms. Whatever goal you pursue, Howly will guide you on how to cancel a GoodLife membership. So, let’s move on!

Common GoodLife Fitness how to cancel membership issues

Those willing to get out of a GoodLife contract just get trapped by the company. There’s a great number of issues customers report. Perhaps the worst thing is that there’s no option to cancel your membership via the website. What’s more, many users claim that their attempts to contact customer support are just fruitless. And that’s far from all troubles GoodLife members encounter when trying to break ties with the company. Check out other problems below:

  • monthly charges don’t stop;
  • troubles canceling GoodLife online;
  • automatic membership reactivation;
  • double or triple monthly charges;
  • failures to contact the gym representative by phone.

Howly knows how difficult it may be to cancel your gym membership at GoodLife. But desperate situations don’t exist! Our experts are well aware of all the tricks of the company and can help you solve any membership issues right away! 

How to cancel GoodLife gym membership via social media

One of the few ways to contact someone from GoodLife is to visit their social media pages. The company holds accounts on Twitter and Facebook, and if you feel that this option is good for you, you should contact their Customer Care. Follow these steps when messaging them via a preferred social media:

  1. Make it clear that you’re willing to cancel GoodLife.
  2. Provide an honest reason for your decision.
  3. Provide your member ID – it’s stated in your Membership Agreement.
  4. Ask them to send you a confirmation of removing your account.

GoodLife will give you a response in 24 hours. Note that cancellation is impossible without your member ID, so make sure you provide its official representatives with a valid number for your gym account. How to cancel GoodLife membership

How to cancel membership at GoodLife Fitness by phone

Another way to get rid of a GoodLife subscription is to call them directly. The company itself recommends this option as a solution to customer issues. So how to make it smooth?

  1. Call 1-800-387-2524 to speak with a live agent.
  2. State your desire to quit their membership and name the reason.
  3. Mention your member ID.
  4. Find out if there are any additional steps to complete the process.How to cancel GoodLife membership

How to cancel your GoodLife Fitness membership by email

People often complain that GoodLife customer service representatives are in short supply. And those trying to call them by phone regularly hear a pre-recorded message that the service is unavailable because of the heavy call volume. If you get in the same trouble, there’s one more option to try – write them an email.

  1. Send a message to informing them about your willingness to say goodbye.
  2. Give a clear explanation for such a decision.
  3. Attach your member ID.
  4. Request an email confirming that they’ve canceled your membership.How to cancel GoodLife membership


How to cancel GoodLife membership for free?

GoodLife actually charges their members for account cancellation. The only option to avoid additional bills is to terminate your membership within the first 7 days after its purchase and activation.

Can I put my GoodLife membership on hold instead of canceling it?

The company provides an opportunity to pause membership plans whenever a customer has such a desire. So, you can put your subscription on hold for up to 6 months. However, the offer comes with a fee – $10 per month.

I’ve lost my contract. Will they cancel my GoodLife membership without a member ID?

You can’t do without your member ID if you’re terminating your membership via phone, social media, or email. The only solution is to visit a local GoodLife gym and complete the procedure using your membership barcode tag.


We all remember that old-good gag about how complicated it is to get rid of a gym membership. And this is especially true for a great number of GoodLife members struggling to cut ties with the company. Indeed, the process makes you sweat even without getting on the treadmill. But Howly is here to save you! So in case you have any trouble, just write us a chat message, and we’ll help you cancel your GoodLife Fitness membership as quickly as possible!

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  1. Niguy7903
    Why do people have so much trouble ending their memberships? You just walk into your gym and get it canceled.
    0 reply
  2. Wilson Hubbard
    I’ve canceled without a fee, via email. Thanks for the steps!
    0 reply
  3. JoeBi20_02
    I missed a $10 payment and they’ve canceled my membership.
    0 reply
  4. Edie Combs
    Goodlife doesn’t care about its members, just money.
    0 reply
  5. Cdn_Freddy
    Better look for Fit4Less at your location, they are pretty good.
    0 reply
  6. Ross Patterson
    I’ll never workout there again.
    0 reply
  7. Alice Blankenship
    It’s not worth it. The gym is very overpriced for what it is.
    0 reply
  8. Brett Turner
    No one from GoodLife answers me. Nowhere at all.
    0 reply

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