Honeywell thermostat reset

Updated: May 31, 2023
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Honeywell thermostat reset
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Thermostats adjust the right temperature to heat or to let it cool down. Many smart homes are impossible to imagine without these devices. When they work as intended, maintenance is unnecessary – you command to set up or down a few degrees.

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All changes when thermostats go wrong. In such cases, resetting might help. It solves:

  • problems with the software settings;
  • trouble connecting;
  • wrong temperature readings, etc.

Below we show you how to reset Honeywell thermostat. Our specialists’ve gone through the manuals of most types, so you don’t have to.

Learn more by reading on.

Define your thermostat type and model

Honeywell thermostat reset

Firstly, to reset Honeywell home thermostat, you should define its model. Depending on it, the procedure might differ slightly.

The thermostat ID card delivers information on what type your thermostat is. If you don't have this card, take the thermostat off the wall plate and look there.

To detach it, pull it lightly off the wall plate. The model number is written on the back of the case and starts with the letters. Alternatively, look around the batteries or on a sticker above the mechanical clock, if any. It helps in 100% of cases.

Furthermore, depending on the type of your thermostat and intended action, there are different ways to reset it, for example:

  • a factory reset puts the gadget back to default settings;
  • a Wi-Fi reset renews the network settings;
  • a schedule reset removes the user scenarios.

Remember that some thermostats are wired to the electricity network. You could get an electric shock if something is damaged. If there are signs that the case or insulation of the thermostat is corrupted, call a specialist for help.

How to reset a Honeywell home thermostat if it is programmable

Honeywell thermostat reset

Here is a general guide, do as follows:

  1. Turn off the heater. It prevents leakage.
  2. Separate the thermostat from the wall plate. If needed, use a screwdriver for the screws.
  3. Get the batteries out.
  4. Put them back to connect the negative pole to the positive terminal and vice versa. Hold the batteries there for five seconds approximately.
  5. Put the batteries back as they should be.
  6. Put the gadget back on the wall and turn it on.

You now have reset thermostat Honeywell. It’s time to adjust the settings again and check if it is working properly.

How to reset a Honeywell home thermostat if it has a touchscreen

Honeywell thermostat reset

New models often have a LED touchscreen. If your thermostat is one of them, follow the following guide:

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  1. Click on the menu button on the touch panel of the thermostat. Move down until you see the Preferences option. Pick it.
  2. Move to the Restore Factory Defaults choice.
  3. Select this option. There will be a pop-up message asking for approval of a system restart. Hit the Yes button to confirm. Next, a warning comes across the screen notifying Restoring factory default settings. Then it switches off. Wait a few minutes until the device turns on and shows the main Honeywell icon.

Now you have a complete factory reset Honeywell thermostat. Now, add the new account information and make initial setup again.

How to unlock a Honeywell thermostat

Why do you need a password? Most people lock their units to restrict the number of family members who can change the settings or program them. Follow the items described below to unlock the device manually:

  1. Hit the Menu button and type the 1234 command.
  2. You can set a PIN if needed.
  3. Select Lock to restrict people from changing the temperature or reprogramming the unit.

How to restore the password

The method of resetting Honeywell thermostat may differ on the type you have. But restoring your forgotten password is the same for most Honeywell models.

If you lost a password, it’s easy to restore it with the following approach:

  1. Hit the Menu button and type the 1234 command. It’s ok when you get an error or wrong number message; just follow further.
  2. Take the thermostat off of the base. There is a four-digit number on its back.
  3. Add 1234 to this code. For instance, your code is 1570 add 1234. The sum makes 2804. It’s your new temporal password.
  4. Enter it in the Menu and choose a new password code.

Congratulation. You restored the password.

How to put new batteries in

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From time to time, for those units which run batteries, you need to change them out. Don't worry if you forget to do it timely, and the screen of the thermostat is off. It will reset thermostat Honeywell but turn it on with new batteries in the case. Here is a short algorithm to do it:

  1. Take the device off the wall hanger.
  2. Detach the thermostat's front cover.
  3. Take out the old batteries. Depending on the type, AA or AAA cells are necessary. Look at the ones you're changing to check if they are the same.
  4. Put the new cells in the section for batteries.
  5. Reattach the cover again. The display on the thermostat should turn back on.
  6. Check if the current settings are still correct. For this, press the Menu or Program keys.
  7. If the display doesn't turn back on, call the expert thermostat services for help.


Why doesn't my Honeywell thermostat work right?

The batteries might be low if the screen or buttons go numb. Otherwise, a temperature monitor might be broken. If that's the case, changing the thermostat is best.

Can I get a new thermostat to replace my one from Honeywell?

If you replace your Honeywell thermostat with the same type, you probably won't have to do much wiring. You will instead just reattach the new thermostat as always. No resetting Honeywell thermostat is required.

What does the Hold button mean?

It commands to leave the temperature at the preferred or current setting until you press the Run button, which sends the thermostat back to the plan you set.

Wrapping up

A restart might help in minor errors connected with the software settings and connectivity troubles. In most cases, reset Honeywell thermostat after replacing batteries is the most convenient way. It works with all the models which have batteries.

Another way goes with models that have a touch screen. Just follow the procedure described above for a successful reset.

If you have any trouble in the process, contact a Howly specialist. In a live chat, they will solve any tech issue with Honeywell thermostats 24/7.

Howly expert is ready to help you with your Smart home problem


Isabella Lewis
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My Ecobee thermostat has the same issue, anyone else?
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This article would be more helpful with more pictures.
Daniel Parker
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I'm so thankful I found this. My thermostat is working perfectly now.
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Tried resetting but no luck. Maybe my thermostat is just broken 🤷‍♂️
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Is there a similar process for resetting a Ecobee thermostat?
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No more thermostat troubles, yay! 🎉
Ether Wraith
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I have an older model and the process was a bit different, but the overall idea is the same.
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Your article saved me a lot of money. Thanks! 🙏
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Sorry, but this guide didn't help. I reset my thermostat but it's still not working. I think it might be a different issue.
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This guide was exactly what I needed. The step-by-step explanation for thermostat reset was clear, and the associated images made it easy to follow. As a result, I was able to reset my thermostat without any trouble, saving me a service call.
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I'm facing a similar problem with my Nest Thermostat. Any solutions?
1 reply
  1. Harper Garcia
    Invalid Date
    SwinginBassline, Nest thermostats also have a reset option too
Invalid Date
Big thanks! No need for an electrician now! 😎
Invalid Date
Has anyone tried this reset on the RTH9585 model?
1 reply
  1. Mia
    Invalid Date
    Brown, Yes, I have the RTH9585 and the reset worked for me.
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I tried following your guide, but it didn't work for my Honeywell model. The layout is different and I'm still left with the same issue 🙁

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