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There are two types of people – Android and iOS lovers. And the rivalry between them seems to never end. Meanwhile, the number of iPhone fans is growing every year. Despite endless updates and the rapid development of new phone models, Apple fails to bring at least one product to the ideal. Therefore, users face various technical problems again and again, especially with iOS applications. Luckily, Howly is here to fix those bugs.

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Looking for the best service center near you? You’ve already found what you need! Our certified Howly experts are available to you online 24/7. They are real professionals with all the necessary qualifications to solve any iPhone application problem. We work quickly but at the same time efficiently. That’s why thousands of users turn to our experts. Entrust us with the repair of your device, and we’ll make it run well!

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People who assist you

People who assist you

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Frequent iPhone apps problems our users face

People who spend lots of money on Apple products hope to get top-quality devices with smooth performance. So users get really frustrated when they realize that their iPhone apps aren’t loading. There may be a great variety of problems with iOS software, and all of them interfere with the normal functioning of the device. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular iPhone app crashes you may face.

  1. App not showing on iPhone;
  2. Download and installation errors;
  3. Missing app icons;
  4. All apps not working on iPhone;
  5. Frequent application crashes;
  6. App update errors;
  7. iPhone camera freezes;
  8. Apps not loading on new iPhone;
  9. Black screen after app launch;
  10. iPhone keeps overheating while running apps.

Every day, dozens of users turn to Howly, saying, “My apps are not working on my iPhone”. So our specialists have already handled plenty of similar glitches. And they’ll deal with your problem even if you fail to spot it on the list.

Best solutions to “Apple apps not working” issues

Howly experts have been solving problems with different iPhone models over the years. So they know about all the existing iOS software crashes like no one else. This allows our specialists to provide you with an instant solution to any of your problems. What’s more, we’ve prepared the top 3 frequently asked questions from Howly customers. Maybe these solutions will be good for you too.

Troubleshoot iOS apps errors with Howly experts

Do you know how difficult it’s to find a decent specialist to fix your iPhone quickly and reliably? Most service centers charge you fabulous money for solving elementary problems. In addition, you need to wait a few days for a specialist to fix your device. So it’s a great piece of luck that you’ve found Howly! Our experts will do what Apple never managed – make your iPhone work flawlessly. Bold statement? We know what we’re talking about and never give empty promises. More than 20 thousand people are satisfied with our repairs, and you can join them right now!

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Here we have collected answers to the most popular questions iOS apps troubleshooting from our users.
Haven’t found an answer to your question?
The camera icon on my iPhone has disappeared. What to do?

Follow the steps below to fix this error:

  1. Open your phone settings and click on the “Screen Time” tab.
  2. Choose “Content and Privacy Restrictions” and navigate to “Allowed Apps”.
  3. Find the camera and check the box next to it.
  4. Now, return to the main screen and check if the camera app icon appears.
  5. If the camera icon is still missing, restore your iPhone from a backup.
My iPhone 10 refuses to connect to the App Store. What to do?

There are two possible solutions to the problem:

  1. Make sure your Apple phone has stable network connectivity. The App Store connection issue usually occurs when you have a poor Internet link. So, check whether your mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity is strong enough.
  2. Explore the Apple system status for the App Store: when the Apple system goes down, a lot of its features and services stop working. So, visit the system status page on the Apple website and make sure the little circle next to the App Store is green. In case the circle is red or yellow, wait for a while until Apple fixes the issue.
My iPhone apps are not responding. How to solve the problem?

A lot of iOS users admit that their applications keep freezing, so the problem is quite common. Here’s what you can do:

If all apps are not loading on iPhone:

As a rule, the best solution is to restart the phone. You can also check the firmware version and clean the cache of all your programs.

If the problem occurs with a particular app:

  • End the program through the “Task Manager” and try to run it again.
  • Reboot your device. Just press and hold the Home and Power buttons for a while until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Look for the latest updates by entering the App Store –>”Updates”.
  • Reinstall the app
  • Downgrade the problematic application to the previous version by connecting your iPhone to the computer and installing the old IPA file via iTunes